Danielle Bishop

Student Visitor, RSC

Danielle is a forced migration, child protection and gender-based violence specialist with over a decade of professional experience working with academic institutions, the UNHCR and international non-government organizations in the humanitarian and development sectors. Her work as a protection officer and consultant spans 12 countries across the middle east, Europe, Asia and Africa, primarily in conflict affected contexts and refugee settings. She holds a Master of Social Work and graduated with a Ph.D. in Health from York University, Canada, in 2019 focused on child protection in refugee and displacement contexts.

Her dissertation titled Kakuma’s Shadows is an ethnographic account of how a lack of durable solutions, poverty and structural violence merge to shape refugee-host relations in Turkana, Kenya. It explores empirically the ways in which historical and contemporary failures of the humanitarian regime and the nation state to meet basic needs and deliver effective access to rights is helping to shape the social, sexual and material relations between the young people living in both this long-term camp and Turkana County. It argues that a systematic and bi-directional undercurrent of sexual and material exploitation is endemic within these relations, which is negatively impacting on the lives, rights and well-being of young people from both the refugee and the host communities, particularly young mothers.

Danielle’s current areas of interest include durable solutions and protection for young people on the move, linkages between climate change, migration and access to rights, and whether refugee-host social relations, marriages and economic exchanges differ between settlement, camp and urban refugee settings to impact on protection outcomes in policy-relevant ways. Recent publications include Climate-induced Migration and Modern Slavery: A Toolkit for Policy Makers (IIED and Anti-Slavery International, 2021), and a book chapter focused on higher education in Kakuma in Borderless Higher Education for Refugees: Lessons from the Dadaab Refugee Camps (Bloomsbury Press, 2021).

Research interests: