Dr Cheryl Doss

Senior Departmental Lecturer in Development Economics and Associate Professor

Cheryl Doss is a development economist whose research focusses on issues related to assets, agriculture and gender with a regional focus on sub-Saharan Africa. 

Among her research projects, she co-leads the Gender Asset Gap Project, a large-scale effort to collect data and measure individual asset and wealth holdings for men and women in Ecuador, Ghana, and Karnataka, India. This research examines best practices for collecting individual data on assets and also quantifies women’s ownership of and control over productive assets. Currently, much of her work focusses on how to understand both joint and individual ownership and decision-making within rural households. 

Cheryl Doss works with a range of international organizations on issues including best approaches for collecting sex-disaggregated data, gender and agriculture, intrahousehold resource allocation, and women’s asset ownership. Currently, she is the gender advisor for the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets led by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). In recent years, she has also worked with UN Women, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank, DFID , the Africa Development Bank, and the UN Foundation on issues of women’s asset ownership.

She has published widely in academic journals in economics, agricultural economics, and development studies.

Teaching & Supervision
Analysing gender myths in rural development
Survey design and data collection methods for gender analysis
Gender Asset Gap Project

Cheryl Doss teaches for the MPhil in Development Studies, teaching Economic Foundations, lecturing on the core course, and offering MP1 Thesis research workshops.

Prior to coming to ODID, she taught for 17 years at Yale University, where she taught the core economics courses to MA students in the International Relations programme. In addition, she taught a range of courses including Research Methods in African Studies, Economics of Africa, and Food Security and Agricultural Development.

Research Students supervised

Humaira Hansrod
Research Student
Doss, Cheryl (2014) 'Collecting Gender Disaggregated Data to Improve Development Policies', Journal of African Economies 23 (suppl 1) i62-i86

Books and monographs

Doss, Cheryl (with John McPeak, Peter Little) (2011) 'Risk and Social Change in an African Rural Economy: Livelihoods in Pastoral Communities', Routledge

Journal articles and special issues

Doss, Cheryl (with Jessica Heckert, Audrey Pereira, Emily C Myers and Agnes Quisumbing) (2021) 'Structural Transformation and Gendered Transitions to Adulthood among Rural Youth: Cross-National Evidence from Low- and Middle-Income Countries', Journal of Development Studies 57 (4) 614-34
Doss, Cheryl (with Kate Ambler, Caitlin Kieran, and Simone Passarelli) (2021) 'He Says, She Says: Spousal Disagreement in Survey Measures of Bargaining Power', Economic Development and Cultural Change 69 2
Doss, Cheryl (with Ruth Meinzen-Dick) (2020) 'Land tenure security for women: A conceptual framework', Land Use Policy
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12 May, 2021
New article by Cheryl Doss examines drawbacks of integration of feminist economics into mainstream economics
26 November, 2020
New article co-authored by Cheryl Doss sets out framework to understand women's land tenure security
20 August, 2020
New article co-authored by Cheryl Doss examines gender, lockdown and food security
08 October, 2019
New article co-authored by Cheryl Doss explores household decision-making in rural Senegal
30 September, 2019
Cheryl Doss named Honorary Fellow of African Association of Agricultural Economists
07 March, 2018
New article co-authored by Cheryl Doss explores effects of youth migration on labour in African agrarian households
02 March, 2018
New research programme to explore African governance
15 January, 2018
Cheryl Doss elected President of International Association for Feminist Economics
Research interests:

Economic development; gender; household and intrahousehold analyses; gender asset gap; survey design.