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Carlos Quembo was born in Beira-Mozambique in 1979, four years after the independence of Mozambique. After completing his high school in 1998 he started his undergraduate at the Eduardo Mondlane University, the main public university, where he studied history. From that moment on he became interested in political and economic history. This interest would lead him to pursue his masters in political science at Sciences Po, Bordeaux, France, from 2008.

After completing his masters in 2010, he returned to his lecturing career, which he started in 2004, as an assistant lecturer in the political economy of southern Africa and nationalism in southern Africa. From his early professional career Carlos Quembo has been motivated towards a professional path in teaching and researching. He therefore continued teaching and researching at the history and political science department and maintained contacts with senior lecturers and researchers from different institutions, such as Witwatersrand University, University of Cape Town, University of Western Cape, and Sciences Po, where he worked with Michel Cahen. From these contacts, he successfully applied to study international development at the University of Oxford, starting in 2014.

His academic and professional interest is to question the decision-making process by emphasizing the role of discourse in policy-making on poverty and political conflict. Carlos Quembo plans to continue lecturing and research, as well as policy advice, on poverty-reduction strategies and political conflict resolution.

'Peasantarianisation' of the undesired urban: the role of the discourse in the implement...

Books and monographs

Quembo, Carlos (2017) 'O Poder do poder: A Operacao Producao e a invencao dos improductivos urbanos no Mocambique Socialista, 1983-1988', Lisboa: Alcence Editores

Journal articles and special issues


Quembo, Carlos (2009) 'The rise of condominios fechados in Costa do Sol, Maputo: security, urban dynamics and segregation'. In C Bénit-Gbaffou, S Fabiyi, E Peyroux (eds) Sécurisation des quartiers et gouvernance locale. Enjeux et défis pour les villes africaines , Paris: Karthala-Ifas

Conference papers

Quembo, Carlos (2017) 'Productive/unproductive labour; The socialist Mozambican politics and labour mobility', Paper presented at IGK Work and Life cycle in Global History, 6-9 March, Berlin, Germany
Quembo, Carlos (2016) 'The Narrative, objectives and dynamics of implementation: How Operation Production has been produced and legitimised in a socialist Mozambique, 1983-1988', Paper presented at the Summer Academy 'Labour, Politics and Safety', 26 Sept-3 Oct, Maputo, Mozambique
Quembo, Carlos (2004) 'Relações laborais e o papel do sindicato na Companhia de Sena pós 1998', Paper presented at the VIII Congresso Luso-Afro-Brasileiro de Ciências Sociais, Coimbra, Portugal, 16-18 September 2004
Research interests:

Decision-making process and implementation, development, poverty and political conflict.