Bryony Varnam

Administrator, Oxford SDG Impact Lab

Bryony is part-time administrator for the Oxford SDG Impact Lab.

Bryony was previously the project administrator for the European Research Council Funded project ‘Refugees are Migrants: Refugee Mobility, Recognition and Rights’ where she was responsible for coordinating project-related communications, periodic reporting to the ERC, organising workshops and events and editorial assistance on project outputs.

Bryony previously worked in the Department of Politics as Programme Officer for the ESRC Public Services Programme and as a Research Assistant in the Department of Social Policy. Bryony has been a researcher on a number of European Commission-funded projects concerned with highly skilled mobility, ‘brain drain’, and the circulation and return of researchers within the EU including undertaking an Impact Assessment of the Marie Curie Fellowship Programme (FP4/5). She is co-author of ‘Moving People and Knowledge: Scientific Mobility in an Enlarging European Union’, (Edward Elgar, 2008)

She holds an MA in Politics of International Resources and Development and a BA in Social Policy.

Research interests: