Dr Bilal Malaeb

Research Officer, OPHI

Bilal Malaeb is a research officer at the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI).

He holds a bachelor in Economics from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, and an MSc and PhD in Economics from the University of Manchester, UK.

Prior to joining OPHI in June 2016, Bilal worked at the University of Manchester as a lecturer in econometrics and research methods for postgraduate students at the Global Development Institute, and graduate teaching assistant for undergraduate modules in the Economics department. He also worked as an external consultant with the International Labour Organization and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

At OPHI, Bilal’s role entails supporting governments in building their national MPIs and carrying out micro-econometric research on the determinants of multidimensional poverty.

  • Research Methods for Development Economics (MSc module, Lecturer, University of Manchester - UoM)
  • Economics and Econometrics Surgery (MSc extra sessions, Session leader, UoM)
  • Econometrics II (2nd year UG, TA, UoM)
  • Microeconomics IIA and IIB (2nd year UG, UoM)
  • Introductory Mathematics (1st year UG, TA, UoM)
  • Applied Economics (1st year UG, TA, UoM)
  • Microeconomics I (1st year UG, TA, UoM)

Research Students supervised

Journal articles and special issues

Malaeb, Bilal (with K Imai ) (2015) 'Buffer Stock Savings by Portfolio Adjustments: Evidence from Rural India', Agricultural Economics 46 (S1) 53-68
Research interests:

Poverty; risk coping mechanisms;, vulnerability; migration; rural risk; social networks.