International Migration Institute relaunches as IMIn

12 February, 2018

The International Migration Institute, which was based at ODID between 2006 and 2017, has now relaunched as an international research network, IMIn.

The network was created by a group of former IMI researchers. These include three former directors, Oliver Bakewell, Mathias Czaika and Hein de Haas, along with Agnieszka Kubal, Simona Vezzoli and Gunvor Jonsson, who teaches on the MSc in Migration Studies at ODID.

According to the founders, IMIn is committed to continuing the thriving interdisciplinary dialogue and new research perspectives that emerged at IMI, and to further expanding IMI into a global research network.

The core aims of the IMIn are:

  • To develop a long-term looking perspective on migration and human mobility as an intrinsic part of global change instead of a 'problem to be solved’.
  • To explore new ways of understanding and researching migration processes, seeking to challenge conventional theory and to look for new innovative approaches.
  • To build capacity by actively stimulating the participation of students and researchers from around the world, particularly from Africa, Asia and Latin America in research, publications and public debates.
  • To create new public narratives on migration that challenge polarised debates between ‘pro-’ and ‘anti-’ migration voices.

You can follow the activities of IMIn on their new website,