Climate Change and the Challenges of Development: Himalayan Forum

Our Himalayan Forum will explore what climate resilience means and looks like on the ground in Nepal and the greater Himalayan region, focusing on the ways in which young Himalayans actively shape climate innovation in the region. Leading activists with a wealth of grassroots development experience will start by setting the context in Nepal, in particular alternatives to large-scale out-migration. Youth who have decided to remain and build abundant and climate resilient livelihoods in their home villages will share their experiences. The Forum will then provide avenues to discuss the challenges of multi-criteria evaluation faced by researchers and funding bodies who design development projects aimed to tackle climate resilience holistically across all sectors. The discussion aims to unite youth, activism and academia in action on climate change in the Himalaya.

Speakers: Students of Pinnya Tagar Academy, Thomas Zaw Ring, Nepal Youth in Permaculture Group, Zachary Barton,  Hommaya Gurung, Prabhina Shrestha, Chris Evans, Anne-Marie Mayer and Alisha Magar (as live translator).

Chair: Prof Laura Rival

Moderator: Lamis Jamil

11 Dec
10:30 to 12:00
  • Various speakers
Climate change
Online via Zoom