‘The social and political life of Latin American infrastructure: meanings, values, and competing visions of the future’

This one-day conference aims to examine the political, social and cultural dimensions of infrastructure in Latin America (Escobar 2018; Harvey and Knox 2015; Harvey et al 2017; Hetherington and Campbell 2014; Venkatesan et al 2018). At times, the implementation of state projects has provoked conflicts between state visions of development and the meanings given to infrastructure by local populations. Such conflicts are rooted in differences in perspectives and visions of the future and in the meanings and values attributed to the infrastructure itself, and what may often have to make way for it.

Convenors: Jonathan Alderman, ILAS and Geoff Goodwin, University of Oxford

20 Sep
10:00 to 17:00
  • Professor Penny Harvey (University of Manchester)
The Garden Halls at 1 Cartwright Gardens Kings Cross London WC1H 9EN