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Fu, Xiaolan (with S Akter, L Bremermann, M Rosa, V Nattrodt, J Väätänen, R Teplov and I Khairullina) (2017) 'MNEs’ contribution to sustainable energy and development: the case of "Light for All" program in Brazil', In Xiaolan Fu, Pervez N Ghauri, Juha Väätänen (eds) Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development , London and New York: Emerald
Fu, Xiaolan (with G Essegbey, G Frempong) (2017) 'MNEs and capabilities building in Ghana', In Xiaolan Fu, Pervez N Ghauri, Juha Väätänen (eds) Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development , London and New York: Emerald
Fu, Xiaolan (with Pervez N Ghauri, Juha Väätänen) (eds) (2017) Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development, London and New York: Emerald
Dolan, Richard (2017) 'Karen knowledge networks and transitional civil society on the Burma/Thailand border', Panel presentation for the 10th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS), University of Chang Mai, Thailand, July 2017
Ali, Manhal (with R Salehnejad, R Allmendinger, Y-W Chen, A Shahgholian, P Yiapanis and M Mansur) (2017) 'Leveraging data mining techniques to understand drivers of obesity', IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Goodwin, Geoff (2017) 'Review of Dale, G et al (eds), "Green Growth: Ideology, Political Economy and the Alternatives"', LSE Review of Books January:
Goodwin, Geoff (2017) 'Review of Gordon, T and Webber, JR (2016), "Blood of Extraction: Canadian Imperialism in Latin America"', NACLA Report on the Americas 49 (1):
Vandevoordt, Robin (2017) 'Moral cosmopolitanism and the everyday life: how students encounter distant others', Media, Culture & Society
Vandevoordt, Robin (2017) 'Between humanitarian assistance and migration management: on civil actors’ role in voluntary return from Belgium', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 43 (11): 1907-22
Vandevoordt, Robin (2017) 'The Politics of Food and Hospitality: How Syrian Refugees in Belgium Create a Home in Hostile Environments', Journal of Refugee Studies 30 (4): 605-21
Goodwin, Geoff (2017) 'Review of Drinot, P and Knight, A (eds) (2014), "The Great Depression in Latin America"', Bulletin of Latin American Research 36 (1): 105-7
Crossley, Noele (2017) 'The Responsibility to Protect and the Use of Force: An Uneasy Relationship', In Stephanie Fenkart, et al (eds) Gerechte Intervention? Zwischen Gewaltverbot und Schutzverantwortung , LIT
Western, Tom (with Said Azim Karimi, Muhammad Sukarno Kurdi, Georgios Sourmelis, and Sofia Zafeiriou) (2017) 'ΤΣΣΣΣ ΤΣΣΣ ΤΣΣ ΣΣΣ: Summer in Athens – A Sound Essay', In Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh. (ed) Representations of Displacement
Bano, Masooda (2017) 'Buying Consent: The Achilles' Heel of Aid-Induced Community Participation', Journal of South Asian Development 12 (3): 213-35
Fu, Xiaolan (with Lutao Ning, Dylan Sutherland) (2017) 'Local context and innovation in China', Asian Business and Management 16 (3): 117-29
Fu, Xiaolan (with K Chen and M Kou) (2017) 'Evaluation of multi-period regional R&D efficiency: An application of dynamic DEA to China's regional R&D systems', Omega 74: 103-14
Bano, Masooda (2017) Female Islamic Education Movements: The Re-Democratisation of Islamic Knowledge, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.