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Scott-Smith, Tom (with Mark E Breeze) (eds) (2020) Structures of Protection? Rethinking Refugee Shelter, Berghahn
Alexander, Jocelyn (with JoAnn McGregor, Blessing-Miles Tendi) (eds) (2020) Transnational Histories of Southern Africa’s Liberation Movements, Routledge
Terrefe, Biruk (with Philipp Rode, Nuno F. da Cruz) (2020) 'Cities and the governance of transport interfaces: Ethiopia's new rail systems', Transport Policy 91: 76-94
Meki, Muhammad (with Kashif Malik, Jonathan Morduch, Timothy Ogden, Simon Quinn and Farah Said) (2020) '‘COVID-19 and the Future of Microfinance: Evidence and Insights from Pakistan', Oxford Review of Economic Policy
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Brankamp, Hanno (with P Daley) (2020) 'Labourers, migrants, refugees: managing belonging, bodies and mobility in (post)colonial Kenya and Tanzania', Migration & Society 3 (1): 113-129
Brankamp, Hanno (2020) 'Refugees in uniform: Community policing as a technology of government in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya', Journal of Eastern African Studies 14 (2): 270-290
Scott-Smith, Tom (2020) On an Empty Stomach: One Hundred Years of Hunger Relief, Cornell University Press
Fu, Xiaolan (with Peter J Buckley, Xiaoqing Maggie Fu) (2020) 'The Growth Impact of Chinese Direct Investment on Host Developing Countries', International Business Review 29 (2):
Bjola, Corneliu (2020) 'Coping with digital disinformation in multilateral contexts: The case of the UN Global Compact for Migration', In C Bjola, R Zaiotti (eds) Digital Diplomacy and International Organizations: Autonomy, Legitimacy and Contestation , Routledge
Kapoor, Taanya (with Ravinder Kaur) (2020) 'Reversing Gender Inequality at Birth: Can Girls’ Agency be a Crucial Factor?', Paper presented at International Conference on 'Reproduction, Demography and Cultural Anxieties in India and China in the 21st Century' Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Delhi, New Delhi
Scott-Smith, Tom (2020) 'Places of Partial Protection: Refugee Shelter since 2015.', In T Scott-Smith and ME Breeze (ed) Structures of Protection? Rethinking Refugee Shelter , Berghahn
Buitron , Natalia (2020) 'Welfare, Extraction, and the Contested Commons in Indigenous Ecuador: A View from the State’s Margins', Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies CAS, University of St Andrews, 5 March
Krishnan, Pramila (with Peng Zhang) (2020) 'Restricting trade and reducing variety: Evidence from Ethiopia', World Development 126:
Scott-Smith, Tom (2020) 'Building a Bed for the Night: The Parisian “Yellow Bubble” and the Politics of Humanitarian Architecture', Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Development 11 (3) : 317-31
Ritholtz, Samuel (2020) 'Queer epistemology & the theoretical borders of refugee studies', Queer Accommodations & Displacement Workshop, London School of Economics
Ritholtz, Samuel (with Graeme Reid) (2020) 'A Queer Approach to Understanding LGBT Vulnerability during the COVID-19 Pandemic', Politics & Gender 16 (5): 1101-1109
Sterck, Olivier (2020) 'Self-Reliance and Social Networks: Explaining Refugees’ Reluctance to Relocate from Kakuma to Kalobeyei', Journal of Refugee Studies 62-85: 33 (1)
Betts, Alexander (2020) 'Self-Reliance and Social Networks: Explaining Refugees’ Reluctance to Relocate from Kakuma to Kalobeyei', Journal of Refugee Studies 62-85: 33 (1)