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Alexander, Jocelyn (with JoAnn McGregor) (2020) 'The Travelling Toyi-Toyi: Soldiers and the Politics of Drill', Journal of Southern African Studies 46 (5):
Alexander, Jocelyn (with JoAnn McGregor) (2020) 'Adelante! Cuban trainers, Zimbabwean soldiers and the making of a liberation movement army in Angola', Comparative Studies in Society and History 62 (3): 619-50
Adam, Christopher (with E. Buffie, L-F. Zanna, L. Balma, D. Tessema and K. Kpodar) (2020) 'Debt, Investment and Growth in Developing Countries with Segmented Labor Markets', IMF Working Paper 20/102
Adam, Christopher (with E. Buffie) (2020) 'The Minimum Wage Puzzle in Less Developed Countries: Reconciling Theory and Evidence', IMF Working Paper 20/23
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Adam, Christopher (with M. Henstridge and S. Lee ) (2020) 'After the lockdown: macroeconomic adjustment to the COVID-19 pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa', Oxford Review of Economic Policy 36:
Landau, Loren (with K. Bule) (2020) 'A Drop in the Ocean: Labour Market Effects of South Africa’s Special Dispensation for Southern African Migrants', Report for the International Labour Organisation and the South African Department of Labour
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Landau, Loren (with CW Kihato) (2020) 'The Informalisation of Migration Governance across Africa’s Urban Archipelagos', In T. Bastia and R. Skeldon (ed) Routledge Handbook on Migration & Development , London: Routledge
Favara, Marta (with P Lavado, A Sanchez) (2020) 'Understanding teenage fertility, cohabitation, and marriage: the case of Peru', Review of Development Economics
Friedrichs, Jörg (2020) 'Papal Presence in East and South Asia: China, India and Beyond', In Mariano P Barbato (ed) The Pope, the Public and International Relations: Postsecular Transformations , Palgrave Macmillan
Sánchez-Ancochea, Diego (with Juliana Martínez Franzoni) (2020) 'Promoting universal social policy in MIC', In J.A. Ocampo, J.A. Alonso (eds) Trapped in the Middle? Developmental Challenges for Middle-Income Countries , Oxford University Press
Ozkul, Derya (2020) 'Participatory Research: Still a One-Sided Research Agenda?', Migration Letters 17 (2): 229-37
Fu, Xiaolan (with Xiaoqing (Maggie) Fu, Qun Bao, Hongjun Xie) (2020) 'Diffusion of Industrial Robots and Inclusive Growth: Labour Market Evidence from Cross-Country Data', Journal of Business Research
Soon-Shiong, Nika (with Tebello Qhotsokoane, Toby Phillips) (2020) 'Using digital technologies to re-imagine cash transfers during the Covid-19 crisis', Digital Pathways Paper Series Pathways to Prosperity Commission
Terrefe, Biruk (2020) 'Urban layers of political rupture: the "new" politics of Addis Ababa’s megaprojects', Journal of Eastern African Studies
Sud, Nikita (2020) 'Making the political, and doing politics: unfixed land in an Amoebal Zone in India', Journal of Peasant Studies 47 (6): 1348-70