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Doss, Cheryl (with Valerie Mueller, Agnes Quisumbing) (2018) 'Youth Migration and Labour Constraints in African Agrarian Households', Journal of Development Studies
Bano, Masooda (with E Ferra) (2018) 'Family versus School Effect on Individual Religiosity: Evidence from Pakistan', International Journal of Educational Development 59: 35-42
Ozkul, Derya (with Vince Marotta) (2018) 'At the cutting edge of migration and refugee studies: A tribute to Prof Stephen Castles', Journal of Intercultural Studies, 39 (2): 111-13
Ozkul, Derya (with Vince Marotta) (2018) 'Special Issue: Festschrift for Professor Stephen Castles', Journal of Intercultural Studies 39 (2):
Hodgkinson, Dan (2018) 'Subversive Communities and the "Rhodesian Sixties": An Exploration of Transnational Protests, 1965–1973', In Chen Jian, Martin Klimke, Masha Kirasirova, Mary Nolan, Marilyn Young and Joanna Waley-Cohen (eds) The Routledge Handbook of the Global Sixties , Routledge
Bjola, Corneliu (with Markus Kornprobst) (2018) Understanding International Diplomacy: Theory, Practice and Ethics (2nd ed), Routledge
Fu, Xiaolan (with Jun Hou, Xiaohui Liu) (2018) 'Unpacking the relationship between outward direct investment and innovation performance: evidence from Chinese firms', World Development 102: 111-23:
Bano, Masooda (2018) 'Partnerships and the good-governance agenda: improving service delivery through state-NGO collaborations', VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Non-profit Organizations
Friedrichs, Jörg (2018) 'Outlandish Christendom: the Catholic Church in India and China', Journal of Church and State 60 (4): 681-704
Doss, Cheryl (2018) 'Women and agricultural productivity: Reframing the Issues', Development Policy Review 36 (1): 35–50
Favara, Marta (2017) 'Maternal Social Participation and Children Nutritional Status In Peru', Review of Development Economics
Betts, Alexander (with C Costello, Natascha Zaun) (2017) 'A Fair Share: Refugees and Responsibility-Sharing', Delmi report 2017:10
Costello, Cathryn (with A Betts, Natascha Zaun) (2017) 'A Fair Share: Refugees and Responsibility-Sharing', Delmi report 2017:10