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Jackman, David (2020) 'Students, movements, and the threat to authoritarianism in Bangladesh', Contemporary South Asia
Adam, Christopher (with D. Bevan) (2020) 'Tropical cyclones and post-disaster reconstruction of public infrastructure in developing countries', Economic Modelling 93: 82-99
Sánchez-Ancochea, Diego (2020) The Costs of Inequality in Latin America: Warning and Lessons for the Rest of the World, Bloomsbury
Hronešová, Jessie (2020) The Struggle for Redress: Victim Capital in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palgrave Macmillan
Lalvani, Simiran (with Drupa Dinnie Charles, Azhagu Meena, Syeda Zainab Akbar, Divya Siddharth, and Joyojeet Pal) (2020) 'Performing Gender, Doing Politics: Social Media and Women Election Workers in Kerala and Tamil Nadu', Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development ICTD 2020 Association for Computing Machinery, New York
Cazzoli, Lise (2020) 'Gender and the environment: a preliminary analysis of gaps and opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean', United Nations Environment Programme Panama City: Panama
Cazzoli, Lise (2020) 'Protecting People from Climate Change Harm', St Anne's Academic Review (STAAR)
Bjola, Corneliu (with SL Vériter and JA Koops) (2020) 'Tackling COVID-19 Disinformation: Internal and External Challenges for the European Union', The Hague Journal of Diplomacy 15 (4): 569–82
Bjola, Corneliu (with Ruben Zaiotti) (eds) (2020) Digital Diplomacy and International Organisations: Autonomy, Legitimacy and Contestation, Routledge
Ozkul, Derya (with Caroline Nalule) (2020) 'Exploring RSD handover from UNHCR to States', Forced Migration Review 65: 27-9
Ozkul, Derya (with Cathryn Costello, Caroline Nalule) (2020) 'Recognising refugees: understanding the real routes to recognition', Forced Migration Review 65: 4-7
Ozkul, Derya (2020) 'Refugee recognition: not always sought', Forced Migration Review 65: 39-42
Krishnan, Pramila (with Amrita Dhillon, Manasa Patnam, Carlo Perroni) (2020) 'Secession with Natural Resources', The Economic Journal 130 (631): 2207–48
Sharma, Amogh (2020) ''How to Win an Indian Election: What Political Parties Don’t Want You to Know' by Shivam Shankar Singh', Commonwealth & Comparative Politics 58(2): 275-276