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Sánchez-Ancochea, Diego (with Juliana Martínez Franzoni) (2018) 'Overcoming Segmentation in Social Policy? Comparing New Early Education and Child Care Efforts in Costa Rica and Uruguay', Bulletin of Latin American Research
Gibney, Matthew J (2018) 'The ethics of refugees', Philosophy Compass
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Gollin, Douglas (with C Adam, David Bevan) (2018) 'Rural–Urban Linkages, Public Investment and Transport Costs: The Case of Tanzania', World Development 109: 497-510
Adam, Christopher (with D Gollin, David Bevan) (2018) 'Rural–Urban Linkages, Public Investment and Transport Costs: The Case of Tanzania', World Development 109: 497-510
Sánchez-Ancochea, Diego (with Juliana Martínez Franzoni) (2018) 'Undoing Segmentation? Latin American Health Care Policy During the Economic Boom', Social Policy & Administration 52 (6): 1181-200
Friedrichs, Jörg (2018) Hindu-Muslim Relations: What Europe Might Learn from India, London and New Delhi: Routledge
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Bjola, Corneliu (2018) 'The Ethics of Countering Digital Propaganda', Ethics & International Affairs 32 (3): 305-15
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Fu, Xiaolan (with Pierre Mohnen, Giacomo Zanello) (2018) 'Innovation and productivity in formal and informal firms in Ghana', Technological Forecasting and Social Change 131: 315-25:
Marshall, Lydia (with Smith, N) (2018) 'Supporting Mental Health in Schools and Colleges: Pen portraits of provision', Department for Education
Marshall, Lydia (with Husain, F., Wishart, R) (2018) 'Family Skills: Evaluation report and executive summary ', Education Endowment Foundation