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Friedrichs, Jörg (2019) 'Escapology, or how to escape Malthusian traps', In John Brewer, Neil Fromer and Frank Trentman (eds) Scarcity in the Modern World: History, Politics, Society and Sustainability, 1800-2075 , Bloomsbury
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Ozkul, Derya (2019) 'The making of a transnational religion: Alevi movement in Germany and the World Alevi union', British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 46 (2):
Alexander, Jocelyn (2019) 'State writing, subversion and citizenship in Southern Rhodesia’s state of emergency, 1959–1960', Canadian Journal of African Studies 52 (3): 289-309
Hodgkinson, Dan (with Luke Melchiorre) (2019) 'Introduction: student activism in an era of decolonization', Africa 89 (S1): S1-S14
Hodgkinson, Dan (with Luke Melchiorre) (eds) (2019) 'Special Issue: Student activism in an era of decolonization', Africa 89 (S1):
Manor, Ilan (2019) The Digitalization of Public Diplomacy, Palgrave Macmillan
Willner-Reid, Matthew (with Nematullah Bizhan, Jasmine Bhatia) (eds) (2018) 'Special Issue: The Politics of Development in Afghanistan', Asian Survey 58 (6):
Willner-Reid, Matthew (2018) 'Competition in the Aid Marketplace in Afghanistan: Mercenaries, Missionaries, and Misfits', Asian Survey 58 (6): 1016-41
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Rost, Lucia (with Fiona Samuels, Emma Samman, Abigail Hunt and Georgia Plank) (2018) 'Between work and care: Older women’s economic empowerment', ODI