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Fu, Xiaolan (with Jing Zhang, Liming Wang) (2021) 'The impact of Covid-19 and post-pandemic recovery: China and the world economy', Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies 18 (4):
Fu, Xiaolan (with David Emes, Jun Hou) (2021) 'Multinational enterprises and structural change in developing countries: A survey of literature', International Business Review 30 (2):
Fu, Xiaolan (with Yongjia Lin (Rebecca), Xiaoqing Fu(Maggie)) (2021) 'Varieties in state capitalism and corporate innovation: Evidence from an emerging economy', Journal of Corporate Finance 61:
Gollin, Douglas (with Martina Kirchberger and David Lagakos) (2021) 'Do Urban Wage Premia Reflect Lower Amenities? Evidence from Africa', Journal of Urban Economics 121:
Gollin, Douglas (with Casper Worm Hansen and Asger Moll Wingender) (2021) 'Two Blades of Grass: The Long-Term Economic Impacts of the Green Revolution', Journal of Political Economy 129 (8):
Friedrichs, Jörg (2021) 'Majority-Muslim Hate Crimes in England: An Interpretive Quantitative Analysis', Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 41 (2) : 215-32
Landau, Loren (2021) 'Interim Evaluation of Joint Work Programme on Cities & Migration.', Cities Alliance and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Malik, Adeel (with Christian Ruckteschler, Ferdinand Eibl) (2021) 'Politics of trade protection in an autocracy: Evidence from an EU tariff liberalization in Morocco', European Journal of Political Economy
Neil, Maggie (2021) '‘Narrative Hospitality in Sicily: Re-Imagining Political and Social Boundaries’', International Political Science Association Conference
Gledhill, John (with Richard Caplan, Maline Meiske) (2021) 'Developing peace: the evolution of development goals and activities in United Nations peacekeeping', Oxford Development Studies
Fu, Xiaolan (with Yawen Li, Jizhen Li, Henry Chesbrough ) (2021) 'When do latecomer firms undertake international open innovation: Evidence from China', Global Strategy Journal
Meki, Muhammad (with Jing Cai, Simon Quinn) (2021) 'Microfinance', VoxDevLit
Brankamp, Hanno (2021) 'Paul Higate and Mats Utas (editors), Private Security in Africa: from the global assemblage to the everyday. London: Zed Books', Africa: Journal of the International African Institute 89 (4): 765-767
Brankamp, Hanno (2021) '‘Madmen, Womanisers, and Thieves’: Moral Disorder and the cultural text of refugee encampment in Kenya', AFRICA: Journal of the International African Institute 91 (1): 153-176
Meki, Muhammad (with Kate Roll, Simon Quinn) (2021) 'Mutuality and the Potential of Microequity', In Colin Mayer, Bruno Roche (eds) Putting Purpose Into Practice: The Economics of Mutuality , Oxford University Press