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Fu, Xiaolan (with K Chen, Y Zhang) (2018) 'International Research Collaboration: An Emerging Domain of Innovation Studies?', Research Policy 48 (1): 149-68
Bjola, Corneliu (with James Pamment) (eds) (2018) Countering Online Propaganda and Extremism: The Dark Side of Digital Diplomacy, Routledge
Rost, Lucia (with Fiona Samuels, Emma Samman, Abigail Hunt and Georgia Plank) (2018) 'Between work and care: Older women’s economic empowerment', ODI
Gooptu, Nandini (with Rangan Chakravarty) (2018) 'Skill, Work and Gendered Identity in Contemporary India: The Business of Delivering Home-Cooked Food for Domestic Consumption', Journal of South Asian Development
Andersson, Ruben (with David Keen) (2018) 'Double games: Success, failure and the relocation of risk in fighting terror, drugs and migration', Political Geography 67: 100-10
Manokha, Ivan (2018) 'Le scandale de Cambridge Analytica contextualisé: le capital de plateforme, la surveillance et les données comme nouvelle ‘marchandise fictive’', Cultures & Conflits 109:
Manokha, Ivan (2018) 'Surveillance, Panopticism, and Self-Discipline in the Digital Age', Surveillance & Society 16 (2): 219-37
Ali, Manhal (with R Salehnejad and M Mansur) (2018) 'Hospital Heterogeneity: What Determines the Quality of Care?', The European Journal of Health Economics 19 (3): 385-408
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Goodwin, Geoff (2018) 'The Problem and Promise of Coproduction', Working Paper, Department of International Development, London School of Economics and Political Science
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