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Doss, Cheryl (with Jessica Heckert, Audrey Pereira, Emily C Myers and Agnes Quisumbing) (2021) 'Structural Transformation and Gendered Transitions to Adulthood among Rural Youth: Cross-National Evidence from Low- and Middle-Income Countries', Journal of Development Studies 57 (4): 614-34
Bhatia, Jai (2021) 'Unpacking Indian International Development Financing: EXIM-LoCs and beyond', IUKDPF Analysis Paper
Bhatia, Jai (2021) 'Understanding Indian Development Finance: The Data Complexities of EXIM Bank’s Lines of Credit', IUKDPF Analysis paper
Bhatia, Jai (2021) 'Visual Tour of EXIM Bank’s Lines of Credit', IUKDPF Analysis Paper
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Kibrom A. Abay, Woinishet Asnake, Jordan Chamberlin, James Sumberg) (2021) 'Landscapes of opportunity: patterns of young people’s engagement with the rural economy in sub-Saharan Africa', The Journal of Development Studies 57(4): 594-613
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Frederic Kosmowski, Jordan Chamberlin, Tesfaye Sida, Kibrom Abay, Peter Craufurd) (2021) 'How accurate are yield estimates from crop cuts? Evidence from smallholder maize farms in Ethiopia', Food Policy 102: 102122
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Tesfaye Shiferaw Sida, Jordan Chamberlin, Frederic Kosmowski, Peter Craufurd) (2021) 'Implications of intra-plot heterogeneity for yield estimation accuracy: Evidence from smallholder maize systems in Ethiopia', Field crops research 108147
Korkmaz, Emre Eren (with Siyah Kitap, Erdinç Sezgin) (eds) (2021) Kuantumdan Genetiğe Genç Bilimcilerimiz Anlatıyor,
James, Myfanwy (2021) 'Qui chantera la chanson de MSF? Politique de la « proximité » et pratique de l'humanitaire dans l'Est de la RDC', In Laetitia Atlani-Duault, Jean-Hervé Bradol, Marce Le Pape et Claudine Vidal (eds) Violences Extrêmes: Enquêter, Secourir, Juger 179-199 , Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris
Korkmaz, Emre Eren (2021) 'Digital Citizenship in Turkey', Technology and Management Centre for Development Working Paper series
Korkmaz, Emre Eren (2021) Faces of Republican Turkey: Beyond the Modernization Hypothesis, İstanbul University Press
Bjola, Corneliu (2021) 'AI for Development: Implications for Theory and Practice', Oxford Development Studies
Korkmaz, Emre Eren (2021) Digital Identity, Virtual Borders and Social Media: A Panacea for Migration Governance?, Edward Elgar
Ayalew Tiruneh , Hailemariam (with Yeshwas Admasu, Jordan Chamberlin) (2021) 'Is land certification pro-poor? Evidence from Ethiopia', Land Use Policy Elsevier 107: 105483
Deneulin, Séverine (with Simon McGrath) (2021) 'Education for Just Transitions Lifelong Learning and the 30th Anniversary Human Development Report’', International Review of Education
Deneulin, Séverine (with Mathias Nebel, Nicholas Sagovsky) (eds) (2021) Transforming Unjust Structures: The Capability Approach, Springer
Deneulin, Séverine (2021) Human Development and the Catholic Social Tradition: Towards an Integral Ecology. Religion and Development Research Series, Routledge
Fu, Xiaolan (with Rasmus Lema, Roberta Rabellotti) (2021) 'Green windows of opportunity: latecomer development in the age of transformation toward sustainability', Industry and Corporate Change 29 (5): 1193–1209