Political Change, Conflict and the Environment

Research on development requires a critical approach to the state and dominant institutions, focussing on how power is created and exercised, and the resistance of excluded groups. This essential political process involves conflict as much as cooperation, where security (and insecurity), historical identity, urban transformation and environmental sustainability are central issues.

Our research in this area is characterised by strong disciplinary roots in history, politics and anthropology; an interdisciplinary empirical research methodology; and primary fieldwork.

Work in this theme is mainly conducted by individual faculty members with their research students and post-doctoral fellows. Between 2003 and 2010 the DfID-funded Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity (CRISE) built on pioneering work in the department during the 1990s on the relationship between war and underdevelopment.

Woman waving a flag during demonstrations in Egypt

Photo: Sarah Smierciak, MPhil in Development Studies 2012-14

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Noele Crossley
Departmental Lecturer in Global Governance
Julie Dayot
Research Student
Sherine El Taraboulsi-McCarthy
Research Student
Arndt Emmerich
Research Student
Solange Fontana
Research Student
Jörg Friedrichs
Associate Professor of Politics
Kieran Gilfoy
Research Student
John Gledhill
Associate Professor of Global Governance
Geoff Goodwin
Departmental Lecturer in Development Studies


31 Jul, 2019
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28 Jun, 2019
New article by Geoff Goodwin explores history and impact of coproduction
12 Jun, 2019
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26 Apr, 2019
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24 Apr, 2019
New article collection introduced by John Gledhill and Jonathan Bright explores ‘state of the discipline’ of peace and conflict studies
10 Apr, 2019
New book by Annette Idler explores dynamics of violent non-state groups in borderlands
03 Apr, 2019
New article by Joerg Friedrichs seeks to explain China's popularity in Middle East and Africa
21 Mar, 2019
Geoff Goodwin wins BA/Leverhulme grant for water research in Colombia and Peru
20 Mar, 2019
DPhil Sa’eed Husaini co-authors new Oxford Dictionary of African Politics
27 Feb, 2019
New article co-authored by John Gledhill examines links between regime type and involvement in UN peacekeeping


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