29 Nov, 2011

New Special Issue and Special Section on Innovation in Emerging Economies

29 Nov, 2011

Stefan Dercon Gives Keynote at Microinsurance Conference in Brazil

21 Nov, 2011

Xiaolan Fu Wins GBP450,000 ESRC Award to Research Innovation in LICs

16 Nov, 2011

New Special Issue on the Role of Religion in the Making of a Region

15 Nov, 2011

ODID Wins Teaching Award for Fieldwork in Hot Places Course

14 Nov, 2011

New CRISE Book on Collective Political Violence Published

14 Nov, 2011

IMI Awarded Nearly $1 Million to Research High-Skilled Migration

11 Nov, 2011

Masooda Bano's Work on Radicalisation Features in ESRC Video

04 Nov, 2011

Human Development Report 2011 Features New OPHI Index Results

04 Nov, 2011

Xiaolan Fu Edits New Book on China's Role in Global Economic Recovery