09 Jan, 2014

Kevin Watkins of ODI to Give Talk on Challenges to Universal Education ahead of the MDGs on 6 March

07 Jan, 2014

New Special Issue on Refugee and Diaspora Memories Co-edited by Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

17 Dec, 2013

New Special Issue on Politics, Patronage and Violence in Zimbabwe Co-edited by Jocelyn Alexander and Miles Tendi

16 Dec, 2013

Nikita Sud Interviewed by Radio France on Indian Anti-Corruption Bill

11 Dec, 2013

New WIDER Working Paper by Valpy FitzGerald on International Fiscal Implications of Global Poverty Reduction and Global Public Goods Provision

11 Dec, 2013

Call for Papers: Determinants of International Migration Conference

11 Dec, 2013

Diego Sanchez-Ancochea Co-authors New CROP Poverty Brief on Social Policy Architecture and Poverty Eradication in the Post-MDGs Agenda

10 Dec, 2013

Miles Tendi Writes in Guardian on Blair's Alleged Plan to Invade Zimbabwe

02 Dec, 2013

IMI to Host 7th Migration and Development Conference

28 Nov, 2013

Handbook of Central American Governance: New Book Co-Edited by Diego Sanchez-Ancochea