13 Feb, 2019

Robtel Neajai Pailey publishes new children’s anti-corruption book Jaadeh!

07 Feb, 2019

Jocelyn Alexander, Simukai Chigudu give evidence to UK parliament committee on Zimbabwe crisis

04 Feb, 2019

'Refuge' shortlisted for Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize 2019

01 Feb, 2019

New book by Tristen Naylor examines ‘social closure’ and management of international society

30 Jan, 2019

Geoff Goodwin to convene panel at 2019 BISA conference

30 Jan, 2019

New article by Jocelyn Alexander explores state authority, citizenship and writing in Southern Rhodesia

22 Jan, 2019

New article by Simukai Chigudu explores state-society relations and Zimbabwe's 2008/9 cholera outbreak

22 Jan, 2019

New RSC report assesses impact of Uganda's self-reliance strategy for refugees

21 Jan, 2019

Former DPhil Matthew Willner-Reid co-edits SI on politics of development in Afghanistan

17 Jan, 2019

New book by DPhil Ilan Manor explores digitalization of public diplomacy