30 Jan, 2018

Young Lives release new data visualizations

25 Jan, 2018

Research by former DPhil Marco Haenssgen shows mobile phones can worsen healthcare inequalities

23 Jan, 2018

New update of OPHI's global MPI shows 48% of people in Angola are poor

15 Jan, 2018

Cheryl Doss elected President of International Association for Feminist Economics

12 Jan, 2018

New article by Joerg Friedrichs explores security challenges of managing transnational bonds

09 Jan, 2018

New article by Tom Scott-Smith explores 'stickiness' in humanitarian technologies

09 Jan, 2018

New article by Kate Pincock examines impact of education on Tanzanian girls' sexual agency

09 Jan, 2018

New article by Georgia Cole explores how documents shape UNHCR's behaviour

04 Jan, 2018

Gunvor Jónsson wins Special Commendation Award in Enhancing Teaching Programme

04 Jan, 2018

New RSC report explores 'responsibility-sharing' in global refugee regime