18 Apr, 2019

New article by Naohiko Omata examines complexity of refugee-host economic relationships

17 Apr, 2019

Memoirs in My Suitcase: new exhibition at the Pitt Rivers museum

10 Apr, 2019

New book by Annette Idler explores dynamics of violent non-state groups in borderlands

04 Apr, 2019

Increasing trade in clean technologies holds great potential for developing countries, new report finds

03 Apr, 2019

ODS Sanjaya Lall Prizes awarded to Sandra F Joireman and Patrick Reichert

03 Apr, 2019

New article by Joerg Friedrichs seeks to explain China's popularity in Middle East and Africa

27 Mar, 2019

New Young Lives book examines how poverty affects children's well-being and development and how policy can help

26 Mar, 2019

OPHI and Oxford University launch social enterprise to help business fight poverty

25 Mar, 2019

New book by Ruben Andersson explores how the West has created a 'political geography of fear'

21 Mar, 2019

Geoff Goodwin wins BA/Leverhulme grant for water research in Colombia and Peru