26 Apr, 2018

Douglas Gollin speaks at World Bank Agriculture Policies Community of Practice

24 Apr, 2018

Alexander Betts sets marathon record to raise money for refugee charity

20 Apr, 2018

RSC, OPHI teams Highly Commended for impact in new O2RB awards

19 Apr, 2018

Xiaolan Fu speaks on impact of advances in digital technology on developing countries at UNCTAD meeting

28 Mar, 2018

New article by DPhil Matthew Willner-Reid explores dangers for multilateralism posed by referendums

16 Mar, 2018

ODID welcomes Saja al Zoubi to research refugees and gender

15 Mar, 2018

New Book edited by Raufu Mustapha and David Ehrhardt: Creed and Grievance

14 Mar, 2018

ODS 2017 Sanjaya Lall Prize awarded to Jan Priebe, Rajesh Venugopal and Sameer Yasir

07 Mar, 2018

New article co-authored by Cheryl Doss explores effects of youth migration on labour in African agrarian households

07 Mar, 2018

New article co-authored by John Gledhill maps divisions in peace and conflict studies