28 Jun, 2019

New article by Geoff Goodwin explores history and impact of coproduction

28 Jun, 2019

RSC launch new Rethinking Refuge platform

27 Jun, 2019

ODID DPhil student Greta Semplici wins Commission for Nomadic People’s Student Essay Prize

18 Jun, 2019

ODID academics to present at 2019 DSA conference

14 Jun, 2019

New UNCTAD report explores how countries can build digital skills to support sustainable development

12 Jun, 2019

New article co-authored by Santiago Izquierdo Tort explores decision-making, land management in PES programmes

11 Jun, 2019

ODID academics and students presenting at ECAS2019

10 Jun, 2019

Workshop co-hosted with DFID to explore Digital/Frontier Technologies and International Development

07 Jun, 2019

Amos Schonfield wins the Vice Chancellor’s Social Impact Highly Commended Award

07 Jun, 2019

New book co-authored by Xiaolan Fu explores impact of Chinese, European MNEs in Africa