Migration and humanitarian aid along the migration corridor in Mexico

The aim of this research project is to investigate the interactions between migrants and humanitarian aid organisations along the Mexico-US migration corridor and the ways in which these interactions shape migration processes in the region.The study of these interactions will provide insights into the role that groups and institutions have in facilitating, controlling, and aiding human mobility, as well as the internal dynamics of migrants’ networks. In other words, this project will question and further advance the theoretical underpinnings of what has been known as the 'migration industry' and the ways migrants engage with different people, groups or institutions included in it.

At a theoretical level, the research project belongs to the meso- level of analysis and aims to contribute to the development of migration theory focusing on networks, social capital, humanitarian institutions, and the 'migration industry' in intermediate processes of migration. Methodologically, I approach the migration corridor in Mexico as an extended fieldsite and explore it through the lens of a 'mobile methodology'. This methodology looks closely at the world of  'everyday' life practices and requires from the researcher two things: to be in motion in the field to understand the movement of the object of study itself; and to be still at a transit point to see the subject in motion to understand its dynamics.