In the Media

ODID academics are frequently called on by the media for comment and analysis on topical issues, drawing on their specialist knowledge to bring depth and objectivity to current debates.

21 Feb, 2018
'Understand the lives of youth in low-income countries'. Young Lives Director Jo Boyden co-authors comment piece as part of Nature collection on Adolescence
20 Feb, 2018
'A man of the people: Morgan Tsvangirai'. Obituary of Zimbabwe opposition leader by Dan Hodgkinson published on Africa is a Country
20 Feb, 2018
'Kenyan study sheds new light on gap between refugees and host communities'. Alexander Betts writes for The Conversation
19 Feb, 2018
'Fifteen Years Since Muthanga, Promise of Land to Kerala’s Adivasis Remains Unfulfilled'. Sudheesh RC writes for the Wire
15 Feb, 2018
'Iran and India walk diplomatic tightrope between China and Israel'. Nikita Sud interviewed by Radio France International
06 Feb, 2018
'Is Turkey really facing an "exodus"? It's not that simple'. Emre Eren Korkmaz writes for The Conversation
05 Feb, 2018
'Colombia’s long-hidden wonders open up after years of violence'. Felipe Roa-Clavijo writes for the Independent
21 Jan, 2018
'In an illiberal world order, we need new ways to defend human rights'. Alexander Betts writes for the Observer
21 Jan, 2018
'Punishment won't stop teenage pregnancies in Tanzania because "bad behaviour" isn't the cause'. Kate Pincock writes for The Conversation
16 Jan, 2018
'Ability versus aspiration'. Young Lives findings on educational aspirations and school effectiveness survey cited in India ASER report