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ODID academics are frequently called on by the media for comment and analysis on topical issues, drawing on their specialist knowledge to bring depth and objectivity to current debates.

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15 Jun, 2020
'Oxford professor Simukai Chigudu talks racism and iconography'. Simukai Chigudu was interviewed on South African radio station 702
12 Jun, 2020
'As one of Oxford's few black professors, let me tell you why I care about Rhodes'. Simukai Chigudu writes for the Guardian about his involvement with the Rhodes Must Fall movement
11 Jun, 2020
'"It was intensely painful": The Story of Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford'. Simukai Chigudu interviewed by the New Statesman
10 Jun, 2020
India’s Financialisation and its Telecommunications Sector. Jai Bhatia and Barbara Harris-White for Le Comité Bastille
08 Jun, 2020
'Rethinking land for the 21st century'. Nikita Sud writes for Mongabay about the way in which land is intertwined with the human trajectory, and how powers of access to land come from social, political or other kinds of dominance.
14 May, 2020
'This is my country'. Robtel Neajai Pailey talks to Africa Is a Country about citizenship, belonging, and what unites her fragmented nation
12 Apr, 2020
'The Personal and Social Risks That India's Food Delivery Workers Are Taking During COVID-19'. DPhil Simiran Lalvani co-authors article for the Wire
30 Mar, 2020
'The norms that hold together international refugee protection are in a perilous state'. Writing for World Politics Review, Matt Gibney asks how much has really changed since the 2015 refugee crisis
17 Mar, 2020
'The Modi government is facing a crisis of credibility in the political as well as economic sphere'. Nikita Sud quoted by Bloomberg
01 Mar, 2020
'Push comes to shove, it is the demands of dominant groups that are given primacy in state policy and practice'. Nikita Sud comments for Reuters on conflicts over common land in India due to conservation and tree planting efforts