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ODID academics are frequently called on by the media for comment and analysis on topical issues, drawing on their specialist knowledge to bring depth and objectivity to current debates.

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21 Sep, 2021
'The Global North Is Closing Its Doors to Migration'. Professor Matthew Gibney writes for World Politics Review on the measures taken by states in the Global North to prevent the arrival of unwanted asylum seekers and other migrants
13 Sep, 2021
'In the Master’s Office black people step into the past'. Columnist Jonny Steinberg writes for Business Day about the findings of a recent article by Maxim Bolt
28 Jul, 2021
'Crony globalization: How political cronies captured trade liberalization in Morocco'. Adeel Malik writes for the Brookings Institute
24 Jun, 2021
'The United States Can Afford More Refugees'. Alexander Betts draws on the experience of three African countries to suggest lessons for the US
12 May, 2021
'Refugee-Run Organizations Deserve More Money'. Alexander Betts quoted in Foreign Policy article
11 May, 2021
'OPINION: LGBT+ refugees should be resettled with their chosen families'. DPhils Sam Ritholtz and Rebecca Buxton write for Thomson Reuters Foundation News
17 Apr, 2021
'Biden’s Refugee Policy Is a Profile in Cowardice'. Alex Betts quoted in Foreign Policy article
13 Apr, 2021
'Sex and race discrimination are pervasive features of British immigration law'. Catherine Briddick quoted in inews article about the impact of the UK's Domestic Abuse Bill on migrant women
10 Apr, 2021
'Why the BJP’s rise in Bengal cannot be attributed to "subaltern Hindutva"'. DPhil Pratim Ghoshal writes for the Indian Express
09 Apr, 2021
'Whether or not Kenya closes its camps, much damage has been done'. Cory Rodgers and Mohamed Talil write for African Arguments