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ODID academics are frequently called on by the media for comment and analysis on topical issues, drawing on their specialist knowledge to bring depth and objectivity to current debates.

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17 Jun, 2022
'Why Russia may be taking Ukrainian children'. Francesca Lessa and Svitlana Chernykh examine precedents from Spain and Argentina in a post for The Monkey Cage blog
21 Apr, 2022
'Will the Rwanda plan work?'. Alexander Betts outlines a brief history of failed attempts at offshoring/outsourcing asylum for BBC Radio 4's 'The Briefing Room'
19 Apr, 2022
‘As a Latin saying goes, I do not consider anything that is human as alien to me. Therefore, I start with an issue in the real world, and then study it by means of whichever method seems best’. Read Joerg Friedrichs talking about his work as a researcher and teacher in an interview for Chinese organisation Dialogue Programme
19 Apr, 2022
'Asylum plan ignores viable alternatives'. Alex Betts co-authors piece for The Times in response to the UK's plan to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda
13 Apr, 2022
'Brutal murder highlights rise of South Africa’s xenophobic vigilantes'. Loren Landau cited in Financial Times article
13 Apr, 2022
'How LGBT refugees from Ukraine are highly vulnerable'. Sam Ritholtz co-authors piece for the Washington Post
10 Apr, 2022
'Immigration Debate | SA reaping the fruits of misrule - Researcher'. Loren Landau interviewed on independent national South African news station ENCA
08 Apr, 2022
'Does Europe have a double standard for refugees?'. Loren Landau takes part in discussion for Debating Africa
06 Apr, 2022
'How Facebook couchsurfing groups became an essential tool for Ukrainians fleeing to Poland'. Emre Eren Korkmaz quoted in article for Insider
06 Apr, 2022
'Vigilantism on the rise in SA'. Loren Landau interviewed on The John Perlman Show