In the Media

ODID academics are frequently called on by the media for comment and analysis on topical issues, drawing on their specialist knowledge to bring depth and objectivity to current debates.

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17 Apr, 2021
'Biden’s Refugee Policy Is a Profile in Cowardice'. Alex Betts quoted in Foreign Policy article
10 Apr, 2021
'Why the BJP’s rise in Bengal cannot be attributed to "subaltern Hindutva"'. DPhil Pratim Ghoshal writes for the Indian Express
09 Apr, 2021
'Whether or not Kenya closes its camps, much damage has been done'. Cory Rodgers and Mohamed Talil write for African Arguments
25 Mar, 2021
'Can Chinese Special Economic Zones revitalise Nigeria’s manufacturing industry?'. DPhil Nwamaka Ogbonna writes for the Africa Report
17 Mar, 2021
'The imagined immorality of refuge, Africa Is A Country'. Hanno Brankamp writes for Africa Is A Country
08 Mar, 2021
'How trade policies make domestic industries uncompetitive'. DPhil Nwamaka Ogbonna writes for Stears Business
03 Mar, 2021
'Latin America: inequality and political instability have lessons for the rest of the world'. Diego Sánchez-Ancochea writes for the Conversation about what one of the world's most unequal regions can tell us about the consequences of wealth concentration
01 Mar, 2021
'The incredible journey of the toyi-toyi, southern Africa’s protest dance'. Jocelyn Alexander and JoAnn McGregor write for the Conversation about the history of the protest 'dance' and what it tells us about military culture
23 Feb, 2021
'Why are India’s farmers angry? | Start Here'. Nikita Sud contributes to a primer from Aljazeera English about farmer protests in India
16 Feb, 2021
'Tech ambassadors are redefining diplomacy for the digital era'. Corneliu Bjola quoted in article for Tech Monitor