Informal economy and piracy in China and Brazil

Since 1999, Rosana has been following a Global Commodity Chain of fake and/or cheap goods from China to Brazil, via Paraguay. She carried out dense ethnography in these three countries: from the informal economy in Brazil to Chinese factories. Currently, she is analysing the impact of IPR policies in Brazil and China as a central discourse of their national development. From an anthropological and ethnographic viewpoint, she problematises the impacts of such polices on local traders’ lives. Rosana has noted that Brazil and China have recently adopted a set of Global IPR polices, through different and opposite methods of control, but the result in both cases is widespread employment of symbolic and physical violence against the lower groups of society. Drawing on these issues, Rosana is presently engaged in the building of a ‘positive agenda’ in intellectual property.

Part of this project was funded by Wenner Gren Foundation (2005-08).