Human Development, Poverty and Children

Human development – beyond per capita income, through health and education, to enabling productive, creative and autonomous lives – has long been a core theme for the department and our present strength and reputation in this field is due mainly to two research groups: the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) and Young Lives.

ODID faculty have participated in design, methodology and research for the UNDP's flagship Human Development Report since its foundation in 1990. Building human capabilities necessarily starts with children, so the department also has a tradition of research collaboration with UNICEF.

Our research in this area draws on the pioneering work of Paul Streeten (QEH Director 1968–1978) and Frances Stewart (Director 1994–2004). Research on poverty and vulnerability is also carried out by the International Growth Centre (IGC).

05 Jun, 2017
New OPHI research: half the world's poor are children
19 May, 2017
New OPHI article explores multidimensional poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa
18 May, 2017
New article by former ODID DPhils examines place of technology in Capability Approach
23 Mar, 2017
New article co-authored by Sabina Alkire explores changes in multidimensional poverty over time in 34 countries
13 Mar, 2017
OAS and OPHI sign Joint Declaration on multidimensional poverty
04 Jan, 2017
OPHI to host Amartya Sen for lecture on ‘Democracy and Social Decisions’
19 Oct, 2016
World Bank to launch new way of measuring poverty using OPHI's ‘multidimensional’ approach
07 Oct, 2016
Congratulations to President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia on award of Nobel Peace Prize
20 Sep, 2016
OPHI to Organise High-Level Side Event at UN General Assembly on Poverty Measurement for SDGs
31 Aug, 2016
Young Lives conference on Adolescence, Youth and Gender 8-9 September