Development in the time of coronavirus

This page brings together commentary from our academics, students and alumni offering a development perspective on the coronavirus pandemic. 

13 Apr, 2020
'Africa does not need saving during this pandemic'. Robtel Neajai Pailey writes for Al Jazeera on what lessons can be learnt from the Global South's examples of ingenuity, generosity and empathy during the pandemic
08 Apr, 2020
'The Marooned Malaise: Covid-19 and Africa’s stolen futures'. Prof Loren Landau reflects on what the Covid-19 containment means for sub-Saharan African imaginations and politics
07 Apr, 2020
'South Africa’s army of informal workers face destitution'. DPhil Rocco Zizzamia talks to Financial Times about the pandemic's impact on South Africa's economy and the importance of a package of support to informal workers
06 Apr, 2020
'The Murky Underbelly of Sanitation During the Pandemic'. DPhil Aparna Agarwal writes about the plight of Delhi’s already marginalised sanitation workers and rag-pickers, who have no option but to continue working during the coronavirus pandemic.
06 Apr, 2020
'The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on global value chain and policy choices for China'. Prof Xiaolan Fu wrote for the Financial Times about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global value chain and policy choices for Chinese companies and government
03 Apr, 2020
'Access to digital learning during COVID-19 closures: compounding educational inequality?'. Rhiannon Moore and Lyida Marshall of Young Lives write on them implications of school closures across the world
02 Apr, 2020
'All’s quiet on the digital front'. Former DPhil student Dr Ilan Manor and Professor Cornelou Bjola authored a blog post examining how the COVID19 pandemic may reshape nations' images
01 Apr, 2020
'South Africa can - and should - top up child support grants to avoid a humanitarian crisis'. DPhil Rocco Zizzamia co-authored an article for the Conversation on the implications of the pandemic for precarious families in South Africa
31 Mar, 2020
'How data-mining companies are set to gain from the Covid-19 pandemic'. Ivan Manokha writes for OpenDemocracy that such companies will be empowered and normalised, to the detriment of democracy
31 Mar, 2020
'Digital diplomacy in the time of the coronavirus pandemic'. Corneliu Bjola co-authored a post with former DPhil student Ilan Manor analysing how effectively ministries of foreign affairs are using social media during the pandemic