• Alumna Emily Hedin with Jesús Valencia Silva. Together they founded Building Dignity, a non-profit organisation in Lima. Photo: Nicholas Ciorogan

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    Students often point to the networks they form and the friendships they make while at ODID as one of the great strengths of their courses.


    Graduates of the department pursue a wide range of careers after completing their studies – in international organisations, government agencies, the private sector, INGOs and social enterprises, or as academics in universities and research institutions across the world. Many also continue to further study.

    Find out more about what some of our students are doing now and what they valued about their time at ODID.

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    Browse Alumni Profiles

    Merit Hietanen

    Operations Support Officer, UNRWA
    MSc in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies
    2008 - 09

    Kristina Lunz

    Mercator Fellow on International Affairs, Mercator Program Center for Inter...
    MSc in Global Governance & Diplomacy
    2014 - 15

    Natalie Schnelle

    Political-Economic Specialist, US Consulate General, Hamburg
    MSc in Global Governance & Diplomacy
    2010 - 11

    Jonathan Lain

    Global Impact Evaluation Adviser, Oxfam
    MSc in Economics for Development
    2010 - 11

    Johanna Wallin

    Assistant Consultant Cross-Cutting, Oxford Policy Management Ltd
    MPhil in Development Studies
    2013 - 15

    Farah Mohan

    Industry Developer, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
    MSc in Global Governance & Diplomacy
    2010 - 11

    Farria Naeem

    Country Economist, International Growth Centre
    MSc in Economics for Development
    2009 - 10

    Marco Haenssgen

    Postdoctoral Scientist – Health Policy and Systems, University of Oxford
    DPhil in International Development
    2012 - 15

    Kuumuori John Ganle

    Lecturer, School of Public Health, University of Ghana
    MPhil in Development Studies
    2008 - 10