Alumni News

23 May, 2018

Simukai Chigudu appointed Associate Professor of African Politics

21 May, 2018

Former ODID DPhil Sneha Krishnan appointed Associate Professor at Oxford University

02 May, 2018

Former DPhil Uma Pradhan wins Nations and Nationalism Essay Prize

24 Apr, 2018

Alexander Betts sets marathon record to raise money for refugee charity

15 Mar, 2018

New Book edited by Raufu Mustapha and David Ehrhardt: Creed and Grievance

14 Mar, 2018

ODS 2017 Sanjaya Lall Prize awarded to Jan Priebe, Rajesh Venugopal and Sameer Yasir

14 Feb, 2018

New article by Tom Scott-Smith reviews World Disasters Report 2016 on Resilience

25 Jan, 2018

Research by former DPhil Marco Haenssgen shows mobile phones can worsen healthcare inequalities

15 Jan, 2018

New book by alumnus Indrajit Roy: Politics of the Poor

09 Aug, 2017

Professor Abdul Raufu Mustapha 1954-2017