19 Oct, 2018

Rural dispute resolution in Bangladesh: How well are village courts working?

Bangladesh offers an interesting case in which informal rural dispute resolution has been institutionalised as an alternative route to justice:  the 2006 Village Courts Act sought to combine features of...

20 Sep, 2018

From MDGs to SDGs: where next for Bangladesh?

Would you say that a country was likely to reach any of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) if it is affected by adverse geographical conditions, has a state apparatus perceived as chronically corrupt,...

21 Apr, 2015

Between nation-state and ummah’s appeal: the contradictions of Islamism in contemporary India and Bangladesh

Generally, Islamists believe in the Universalist concept of Ummah (Islamic community of believers), a supranational or transnational union. The Islamists’ call for unity of the Ummah is based on the belief...