Jonathan Lain

Global Impact Evaluation Adviser, Oxfam

I currently work as an impact evaluation adviser for Oxfam. I am responsible for producing impact evaluations of the organisation’s resilience-building projects, using quasi-experimental methods, and feeding the learning from these evaluations back into Oxfam’s development work. During my time at Oxfam, I have set up impact evaluations in a number of different contexts, travelling to Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, and Somaliland to implement household surveys. I also provide technical support to the organisation on topics such as sampling, statistical analysis, and measuring complex concepts like resilience. 

Prior to working at Oxfam, I completed a DPhil in Economics at Oxford University. My thesis examined  the  key differences  between  the  outcomes  of women  and men  in  self-employment using data from Ghana,  with  a  particular  focus  on  discrimination  and  the  trade-off  between individuals’  domestic  obligations  and  their  income-generating  activities. During the course of my graduate studies, I worked as a consultant for the World Bank and as a research assistant for the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE), where I worked on several labour force surveys based in Accra, Ghana.

The MSc in Economics for Development was an excellent starting point for my current work. In particular, I apply the principles I learned during the Quantitative Methods course virtually every day, and the strong grounding I gained in using Stata for econometric analysis has proved invaluable. I also met some fantastic people on my MSc course, many of whom have remained very useful professional connections and great friends to this day!

I apply the principles I learned during the Quantitative Methods course virtually every day.