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Ms Julia Pacitto
Research Student

Dr Emanuela Paoletti
Research Associate, RSC

Dr Christopher Parsons
Research Officer, MIGRASKIL Project, IMI

Mr Phillip Pasirayi
Research Student (PRS)

Mr David Passarelli
Research Student

Dr Kirrily Pells
Policy Officer, Young Lives

Mr Blair Peruniak
Research Student

Ms Angela Pilath
Research Student

Dr Rosana Pinheiro-Machado
Departmental Lecturer in the Anthropology of Development

Prof Jean-Philippe Platteau
Senior Research Fellow

Ms Christine Pollard
Part-time Project Accounts Officer, Young Lives

Ms Kirsten Pontalti
Research Student (DPhil)

Ms Uma Pradhan
Research Student

Photo: P Zaporowski

International Development: increasing well-being and reducing inequality in global society