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Mr Ian Madison
Research (PRS) Student

Mr Edo Mahendra
Research Student (PRS)

Dr Adeel Malik
Islamic Centre Lecturer in the Economies of Muslim Societies

Mr Andonis Marden
Part-time FMR Promotion and Finance Assistant

Dr Serena Masino
Research Officer, MNEmerge Project

Mr William Mattson
Research Student

Dr Jane McAdam
Research Associate, RSC

Dr Kirsten McConnachie
Joyce Pearce Junior Research Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall

Mr Laurence Medley
Accounts Officer, RSC

Ms Muireann Meehan Speed
Research Student

Dr Rachel Miller
Graduate Student Coordinator

Mr James Milner
Research Associate, RSC

Prof Virginia Morrow
Senior Research Officer, Young Lives, and Associate Professor

Dr Yasser Moullan
Research Officer, MIGRASKIL Project, IMI

Prof Abdul Raufu Mustapha
Associate Professor of African Politics

Photo: P Zaporowski

International Development: increasing well-being and reducing inequality in global society