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ODID Research Networks

CRISE Network

The CRISE Network is an association of scholars and practitioners concerned with the fundamental economic, political and cultural causes of violent conflict. Its particular focus is on the role of "horizontal inequalities" (inequalities among salient identity groups) in causing conflict, and in policies to correct such inequalities.


Development, Health & Environment Research Group

Researchers based in the Department of International Development have joined forces with colleagues based in Public Health and Geography to create the Development, Health and Environment Research Group. Our main purpose is to develop a transdisciplinary framework to understand the complex and dynamic relationships between economic development, environmental degradation and public health.


Nigeria Research Network

The Nigeria Research Network connects European, American, and Nigerian academics who have extensive experience with empirical and development-oriented research in northern Nigeria.



Photo: S Stein, MPhil 2010-12

International Development: increasing well-being and reducing inequality in global society