The Globality of Islam: Sharia as a Nigerian \"Self-Determination\" Movement \

Date: May, 2003
ODID Working Paper No. 106
Author(s): Paul Lubeck, Ronnie Lipschutz and Erik Weeks (Center for Global, International and Regional Studies University of California, Santa Cruz) \

This paper was produced as part of a project at the University of California, Santa Cruz titled Globalization, State Capacity and Islamic Movements. The objective of this paper to assess how globalization and Islam impact the capacity of national states to manage Muslim demands for self-determination expressed either as a call for establishing an Islamic state, an alternative Islamic project or greater regional autonomy. After discussing our general arguments, we turn to an analysis of the Sharia movement for self determination in twelve states located in northern Nigeria, a movement that challenged national identities, provoked inter-communal conflict and threatened the existence of the Nigerian federation.

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