Dr Tristen Naylor

Departmental Lecturer in Diplomatic Studies

Dr Naylor is Departmental Lecturer in Diplomatic Studies at ODID and Deputy Director of the G20 Research Group, London.

Dr Naylor’s work examines questions of status and group membership in international politics. He is developing a theory of ‘International Social Closure’ that improves our ability to analyse inclusion in international society, offering stratification as the key concept for understanding contemporary global order. His work proposes new insights to improve the English School’s understanding of international society, its expansion, and its reproduction; in so doing, his work also addresses limitations in the global governance and diplomacy literatures concerned with clubs and networks

Previously, Dr Naylor was a Research Fellow within the Twenty-First Century Concert of Powers Research Group, the Lecturer in Politics at Christ Church, Oxford, and a Visiting Researcher at Sciences Po, Paris.

Prior to his academic career Dr Naylor was a Foreign Policy Analyst and Advisor for the Government of Canada. In 2008 he was awarded the Canadian Public Service Award of Excellence by the Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet in recognition of his work. In his final post he served as an Officer at the Canadian High Commission in London.

In the media
Performing international society

Dr Naylor teaches the International Diplomacy foundation course for the MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy. He also teaches the Diplomatic Management of International Crises and the Politics of Diplomacy option courses.

Research Students supervised

24 April, 2017
Four ODID staff shortlisted for five OUSU Teaching Awards
10 May, 2016
Tristen Naylor named most acclaimed lecturer in OUSU teaching awards
18 March, 2016
Tristen Naylor shortlisted for OUSU teaching award
06 Jul, 2017
'G20 summit: who will take the US’s place as a global leader?'. Tristen Naylor writes for The Conversation
29 Sep, 2016
'China’s G20 summit: how not to do message control'. Tristen Naylor writes for G7G20.com
01 Sep, 2016
'G20: Trudeau is Canada’s diplomatic super-weapon as it bids to stay relevant'. Tristen Naylor writes for The Conversation
Research interests:

International society; status; historical sociology; English school; great powers; standard of civilisation; G7; G20; summitry.