Dr Padmini Iyer

Education Research Officer, Young Lives

Padmini joined the Young Lives team in 2015 as an Education Research Officer. She is currently leading on the design and implementation of the Young Lives secondary school effectiveness survey in Vietnam, working closely with the Education Team.

She has a PhD in International Education from the University of Sussex. Her thesis, ‘Risk, rakhi and romance: learning about gender and sexuality in Delhi secondary schools’, is based on an ESRC-funded, mixed-methods study with young people (aged 15-17) in Delhi, India. Padmini also has an MA in International Education and Development from the University of Sussex, and a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford.


Journal articles and special issues

Iyer, Padmini (2017) 'From rakhi to romance: negotiating “acceptable” relationships in co-educational secondary schools in New Delhi, India', Culture, Health & Sexuality
Iyer, Padmini (2017) '"Due to all this fear, we’re getting less freedom": young people’s understandings of gender and sexual violence in New Delhi, India', Gender and Education
29 August, 2017
Young Lives to launch 2016-17 school survey findings
10 July, 2017
New article by Padmini Iyer and Rhiannon Moore examines how Young Lives conceptualise, measure learning quality
Research interests:

Cognitive and non-cognitive skills development; gender and adolescence; sexual and reproductive health; quantitative, qualitative and ethnographic research methods.