Prof Oliver Bakewell

Senior Research Officer and Associate Professor

Oliver’s work focuses on the intersections between migration and mobility and broader processes of development and change, with a particular empirical focus on migration within Africa.

His current research focusses on migration, integration and diaspora in sub-Saharan Africa, including projects on the formation of African diasporas within Africa, family strategies of migrants in Burkina Faso, and migration and social protection. He was the principal investigator for the four-year Theorizing the Evolution of European Migration Systems (THEMIS) project and the African Great Lakes Mobility project at the International Migration Institute (IMI).

Prior to joining IMI, Oliver spent many years working with migrants and refugees both as a researcher and as a practitioner with a range of development and humanitarian NGOs.

He holds a PhD and MSc in Development Studies from the University of Bath and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

Migrants in countries in crisis: Supporting an evidence-based approach for effective and cooperati...
Family strategies of migrants in West Africa
European welfare systems in times of mobility

Oliver Bakewell lectures on the Key Themes in International Migration course for the MSc in Migration Studies and offers an option on African Migration and Displacement for the MSc in Migration Studies, MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies and the MSc in African Studies. He supervises students on these courses and also the MPhil in Development Studies.

Research Students supervised

Geraldine Adiku
Research Student
Solange Fontana
Research Student
Greta Semplici
Research Student

Books and monographs

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Journal articles and special issues

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Working papers

Bakewell, Oliver (2009) 'South-South Migration and Human Development: Reflections on African Experiences', Human Development Research Paper 2009/07 New York: UNDP
28 June, 2017
Nine academics and students to present at ECAS7 in Basel
05 January, 2016
New Book Co-edited by Oliver Bakewell: Beyond Networks - Feedback in International Migration
20 December, 2011
IMI wins $400,000 for New Project on Mobility in African Great Lakes Region
09 December, 2011
New IMI THEMIS WPS; Global Migration Futures Workshop Briefing
Research interests:

African migration; interface migration and development; borderlands; identity papers; migration discourses; labelling and bureaucratic categories; return and repatriation; Zambia; Angola