Prof Mathias Czaika

Associate Professor of Migration and Development, and Director, International Migration Institute

Mathias is interested in the political economy of migration (how do migration policies come about?) and the role of migration policies in shaping international migration flows (how do the various types of migration policy instruments influence migration flows?). Currently, his research focus is on the qualitative assessment of the effects and the effectiveness of migration policies as well as the quantification of these policy effects.

Mathias has a PhD in Political Economy (University of Freiburg, Germany) and a Diploma in Economics (University of Konstanz, Germany). In his PhD thesis, published in 2009 with Palgrave Macmillan, he explores the determinants of forced migration and its political implications from an economic perspective. He describes the distribution of burdens from forced migration across countries, and analyzes the strategic interaction of national refugee policies to control refugee flows.

Prior to joining the International Migration Institute (IMI) in April 2010, he held a lecturer position at the University of Freiburg (Centre for Renewable Energy) and a position as economic advisor with GTZ (the German Development Cooperation Agency).

International migration of medical doctors: trends, drivers and policies

Mathias teaches the Methods in Social Research course for the MSc in Migration Studies, as well as offering an option on the Political Economy of International Migration.

Research Students supervised

Edo Mahendra
Research Student
Barbara Zeus
Research Student (PRS)

Books and monographs

Czaika, Mathias (with C Vargas-Silva) (eds) (2012) 'Migration and Economic Growth', Cheltenham: Edward Elgar
Czaika, Mathias (2008) 'The Political Economy of Refugee Migration and Foreign Aid', Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Journal articles and special issues

Czaika, Mathias (with Mogens Hobolth) (2016) 'Do restrictive asylum and visa policies increase irregular migration into Europe?', European Union Politics
Czaika, Mathias (with Marc Vothknecht) (2014) 'Migration and aspirations - are migrants trapped on a hedonic treadmill?', IZA Journal of Migration 3 (1)
Czaika, Mathias (with Hein de Haas) (2014) 'The Globalization of Migration: Has the World Become More Migratory?', International Migration Review 48 (2) 283-323
Czaika, Mathias (with Maria Villares-Varela) (2014) 'Labour market activity, occupational change and length of stay in the Gulf', Migration Studies
Czaika, Mathias (2013) 'Drivers and Dynamics of Internal and International Remittances', Journal of Development Studies 49 (10) 1299-315
Czaika, Mathias (with Hein de Haas) (2013) 'The Effectiveness of Immigration Policies ', Population and Development Review 39 (3) 487-508
Czaika, Mathias (with H de Haas) (2012) 'The Role of Internal and International Relative Deprivation in Global Migration', Oxford Development Studies 40 (4) 423-42
Czaika, Mathias (with A Mayer) (2011) 'Refugee Movements and Aid Responsiveness of Bilateral Donors', Journal of Development Studies 47(3) 455-74
Czaika, Mathias (2009) 'The Political Economy of Refugee Migration', Journal of Economics and Statistics 229(6) 803-21
Czaika, Mathias (with K Kis-Katos) (2009) 'Civil Conflict and Displacement - Village-level Determinants of Forced Migration in Aceh', Journal of Peace Research 46(3) 399-418
Czaika, Mathias (2009) 'Asylum Cooperation Among Asymmetric Countries: The Case of the European Union', European Union Politics 10(1) 89-113
Czaika, Mathias (2008) 'Cheap Talk in the UN Arenas? Some Evidence on the Impact of UN Speeches on UN Aid Allocation Decisions', Applied Economics Letters 15(3) 187-91
Czaika, Mathias (2005) 'A Refugee Burden Index: Methodology and Its Application', Migration Letters 2(2) 101-25
Czaika, Mathias (2005) 'Aid Allocation and Asylum Migration in the 1990s', Applied Economics Quarterly 50(3) 289-30


Czaika, Mathias (with Hein de Haas) (2015) 'Evaluating Migration Policy Effectiveness'. In A Triandafyllidou (ed) Routledge Handbook of Immigration and Refugee Studies , London: Routledge
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Research interests:

Political economy of migration; role of migration policies in shaping international migration flows.