Miss Liza Benny

Quantitative Research Assistant, Young Lives

Liza joined the Young Lives team in August 2012 as a Quantitative Research Assistant.

She works on the nutrition research team, and also works on the development of survey instruments and questionnaires for the next round (2016) of the data collection process.

She completed her MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics, where her dissertation focused on trends in correlation of political identity across countries. She holds a BSc, also in Economics, from University College London.

Liza's research with Young Lives has looked at child growth nutritional trajectories over childhood. She has worked on identifying patterns and determinants of child growth and malnutrition during different periods of childhood and the implications of these differing growth trajectories for cognitive achievement. Her research interests are in child growth, nutrition, intergenerational mobility, effects of socio-political processes on poverty and inequality outcomes.


Journal articles and special issues

Benny, Liza (with A Georgiadis, BT Crookston, LT Duc, P Hermida, S Mani, T Woldehanna, AD Stein, JR Behrman) (2016) 'Growth trajectories from conception through middle childhood and cognitive achievement at age 8 years: Evidence from four low- and middle-income countries', SSM - Population Health 2 43-54
Research interests:

Gender development; intergenerational income mobility; effects of socio-political institutions on policy implementation and outcomes.