Dr John Gledhill

Associate Professor of Global Governance

John Gledhill is Associate Professor of Global Governance in the Oxford Department of International Development, and a Fellow of St. Cross College.

Before coming to Oxford in 2011, he was an LSE Fellow in Global Politics at the London School of Economics, and he has previously taught at Georgetown and George Washington universities.

In his research, writing, and teaching, John investigates conflict processes, non-violent protest movements, state formation and dissolution, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, post-conflict reconstruction, the politics of transitional justice, and transnational social mobilisation.

His recent academic writings on those themes have appeared in journals such as PS: Political Science and Politics, Security Studies, Nationalities Papers, and Asian Security. Related opinion pieces have appeared in the International Herald Tribune / New York Times.

At ODID, John teaches on the MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy. In 2013, he received a Teaching Excellence Award for his work at the University of Oxford, and he had previously received the same award for his teaching at the London School of Economics. 

Outside of ODID, he is a member of the Steering Committee of OxPeace, which is a group that brings together scholars and practitioners around Oxford who are committed to promoting the study of peace, peacemaking, peacebuilding, and peacekeeping.

He holds a PhD in Government from Georgetown University, and he received the University Gold Medal for his undergraduate work at Trinity College, Dublin.

State capacity and conflict
Studying conflict and studying peace: one and the same?

John coordinates the foundation course in Global Governance for the MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy. He also offers optional courses on Peacebuilding & Statebuilding and, from 2016-17, Non-Violent Protest Movements.

Research Students supervised

Alex Barnes
Research Student (PRS)
Robert Hortle
Research Student
Myfanwy James
Research Student (PRS)
Ian Madison
Research Student

Journal articles and special issues

Gledhill, John (with Jonathan Bright) (2018) 'A Divided Discipline? Mapping Peace and Conflict Studies', International Studies Perspectives
Gledhill, John (2017) 'When State Capacity Dissolves: Explaining Variation in Violent Conflict and Conflict Moderation', European Journal of International Security 2 (2) 153-78
Gledhill, John (2014) 'A Confluence of Competitions: Regime-Building and Violence in Timor-Leste', Asian Security 10 (2) 123-150
Gledhill, John (2013) 'Assessing (In)security after the Arab Spring: Editor's Introduction', PS: Political Science and Politics 46 (4) 709-15
Gledhill, John (2013) 'Conclusion: Managing (In)security in Post-Arab Spring Transitions', PS: Political Science and Politics 46 (4) 736-9
Gledhill, John (2012) 'Competing for Change: Regime Transition, Intrastate Competition, and Violence', Security Studies 21 (1) 43-82


Gledhill, John (with Ariel I Ahram) (forthcoming) 'Exiles and Political Islam'. In David Malet, Miriam J Anderson (eds) Transnational Actors in War and Peace , Washington DC: Georgetown University Press
Gledhill, John (2013) 'European Integration and Confrontations with the Communist Past'. In Denisa Kostovicova (ed) Transitional Justice in Post-Yugoslav States: Political Will and Public Support for the RECOM Process , Belgrade: Humanitarian Law Center

Encyclopedia entries

Gledhill, John (with Nadya Nedelsky) (2013) '[The] European Court of Human Rights', In Lavinia Stan, Nadya Nedelsky (eds) Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice New York: Cambridge University Press
Gledhill, John (2013) '[The] European Union', In Lavinia Stan, Nadya Nedelsky (eds) Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice New York: Cambridge University Press

Other publications

Gledhill, John (2018) 'The Study of Peace and Conflict: in Need of (Intellectual) Insurgency?', E-International Relations
07 March, 2018
New article co-authored by John Gledhill maps divisions in peace and conflict studies
28 April, 2017
New article by John Gledhill explores variation in violent conflict after collapse of state capacity
05 June, 2014
John Gledhill Appointed Associate Professor of Global Governance
18 October, 2013
Symposium Edited by John Gledhill Assesses (In)security after the Arab Spring
Research interests:

Conflict processes; social mobilisation and contentious politics; regime change and democratisation; state formation, failure, and reconstruction; transitional justice and collective remembrance; peacemaking and peacekeeping; peace studies.