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Development Studies related events across the University

Date Title, Speaker & Location
28 Apr - 13:00 Creating bridges: music, play and wellbeing in the lives of refugee and immigrant children and young people
Professor Kathryn Marsh (VRF, Refugee Studies Centre)
RSC Work in Progress Seminars
Meeting Room A, ODID, 3 Mansfield Road
28 Apr - 13:00 Economic Development and the Spatial Allocation of Labor: Evidence From Indonesia
Gharad Bryan (London School of Economics)
CSAE Lunchtime Seminars
Seminar Room C, Manor Road Building
28 Apr - 14:00 Translating Rama as a Proto-Muhammadan Prophet: Mullah Masih's Masnavi-ye Ram va Sita
Prashant Keshavmurthy (McGill University)
South Asia Seminars
Fellows' Dining Room, Hilda Besse Building, St Antony's College
28 Apr - 14:00 Contested Decolonisation and the Dilemmas of Intervention: The United Nations and Nation-making along the Congolese-Northern Rhodesian border, 1960-1964
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Special Events - External
The Pavilion Room, Gateway Building, St Antony's College
29 Apr - 13:00 The seasonal worker programs of Australia and New Zealand
Richard Curtain (Development Policy Centre, Australian National University)
IMI Seminars
Seminar Room 2, ODID, 3 Mansfield Road
29 Apr - 13:00 Investments, Aspirations and Parental Assessments: Gender gaps in learning from preschool to adulthood in four developing countries
Abhijeet Singh
CSAE Research Workshops
Seminar Room C, Manor Road Building
29 Apr - 17:00 Understanding global refugee policy: the case of naturalisation in Tanzania
Dr James Milner (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Carleton University)
RSC Public Seminars
Seminar Room 1, ODID, 3 Mansfield Road
30 Apr - 14:00 Conservatives, neoliberals and queers: Antagonisms in the British academia
Dr Louise Livesey (Ruskin College)
International Gender Studies Seminars
Talbot Hall, Lady Margaret Hall
30 Apr - 14:00 Damaged trust and a changing electorate?: Migration as a contemporary political issue in the UK
Dr Scott Blinder (University of Massachusetts, Amherst and COMPAS, Oxford)
COMPAS Seminars
Seminar Room, Pauling Centre, 58a Banbury Road, Oxford
30 Apr - 17:00 A Conversation on the Role of Women in Transforming Conflict in the 21st Century
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European Studies Centre Seminars
Seminar Room A, Manor Road Building

Photo: K Vidyarthee, MPhil 2006-08

What's On

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