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Sterck, Olivier (with S Baele) (2015) 'Diagnosing the Securitisation of Immigration at the EU Level: A New Method for Stronger Empirical Claims', Political Studies 1120-39 63 (5):
Sterck, Olivier (with P Collier, R Manning) (2015) 'From Death Sentence to Debt Sentence', Finance & Development (IMF) 28-31 52 (4):
Doss, Cheryl (with Ruth Meinzen-Dick) (2015) 'Collective Action within the Household: Insights from Natural Resource Management', World Development 74: 171–83
Doss, Cheryl (with Chiara Kovarik, Amber Peterman, Agnes Quisumbing, Mara van den Bold) (2015) 'Gender Inequalities in Ownership and Control of Land in Africa: Myth and Reality', American Journal of Agricultural Economics 46: 403–34
Morrow, Virginia (with Renu Singh) (2015) 'Children’s Perceptions of Punishment in Schools in Andhra Pradesh, India', In Jenny Parkes (ed) Gender Violence in Poverty Contexts: The Educational Challenge , London: Routledge
Rival, Laura (2015) 'Comment (pp 21-22) on Trawick, Paul & Alf Hornborg, Revisiting the image of limited good. On sustainability, thermodynamics, and the illusion of creating wealth', Current Anthropology 56 (1): 1-27
Morrow, Virginia (2015) 'Social Justice and Youth Transitions: Understanding Young People’s Lives in Rural Andhra Pradesh, India and Ethiopia', In Johanna Wyn, Helen Cahill (eds) Handbook of Children and Youth Studies , London: Springer
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Hodgkinson, Dan (2015) 'Awkward Awakenings: The 1989 University of Zimbabwe Student Protests as Post-Colonial Criticism', Filling Pails, Lighting Fires: Social Order in Africa Workshop, Oxford University, 22 June
Pontalti, Kirsten (2015) 'Children and youth and social change in central Rwanda: Kinship matters', Paper presented at the 3rd International Children and Youth Research Network (ICYRNet) Conference, Cyprus, 12 June
Adiku, Geraldine (2015) 'Impact of remittances on maternal health in sub-Saharan Africa', Paper presented at the Canadian Sociological Association Conference, Ottawa, Canada, June
Hodgkinson, Dan (2015) 'Bringing the Point Home: The Personal and Political Efficacy of Tamuka Chirimamboa’s Student Activism, 1999-2004', Paper for the 'Student Protesters and Social Change: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?' panel at the 6th European Conference on African Studies, Paris-Sorbonne, 8-10 July
Andersson, Ruben (2015) 'La olla a presión: cómo la seguridad fronteriza sigue aumentando el caos', Revista de Dialectología y Tradiciones Populares 70 (2): 299-306
Pontalti, Kirsten (2015) '"Times have changed for real": A generational perspective on children’s education in central Rwanda', Paper presented at the AAA-ACYIG Conference, University of California, Long Beach, 12 March
Pontalti, Kirsten (2015) 'Multigenerational Family Case Study Method', Paper presented at Being Young seminar, University of Oxford, 25 February
Rival, Laura (2015) Transformaciones Huaoranis. Frontera, Cultura y Tensión, Quito: Abya Yala
Pontalti, Kirsten (2015) 'When two systems converge: Theorising young peoples’ contribution to social change over time in rural Rwanda', Paper presented at University of Oxford Department of International Development, 6 February
Morrow, Virginia (with Elisabetta Aurino ) (2015) 'Dietary Diversity in the Everyday Lives of Children in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India', Young Lives Working Paper 144
Rival, Laura (2015) 'Quegoki Cönwi: Resiliencia huaorani resilience y el futuro de la biósfera Yasuní.', Bulletin de la Société Suisse des Américanistes 76: 183-96