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Hodgkinson, Dan (2015) 'Awkward Awakenings: The 1989 University of Zimbabwe Student Protests as Post-Colonial Criticism', Filling Pails, Lighting Fires: Social Order in Africa Workshop, Oxford University, 22 June
Pontalti, Kirsten (2015) 'Children and youth and social change in central Rwanda: Kinship matters', Paper presented at the 3rd International Children and Youth Research Network (ICYRNet) Conference, Cyprus, 12 June
Adiku, Geraldine (2015) 'Impact of remittances on maternal health in sub-Saharan Africa', Paper presented at the Canadian Sociological Association Conference, Ottawa, Canada, June
Hodgkinson, Dan (2015) 'Bringing the Point Home: The Personal and Political Efficacy of Tamuka Chirimamboa’s Student Activism, 1999-2004', Paper for the 'Student Protesters and Social Change: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?' panel at the 6th European Conference on African Studies, Paris-Sorbonne, 8-10 July
Andersson, Ruben (2015) 'La olla a presión: cómo la seguridad fronteriza sigue aumentando el caos', Revista de Dialectología y Tradiciones Populares 70 (2): 299-306
Pontalti, Kirsten (2015) '"Times have changed for real": A generational perspective on children’s education in central Rwanda', Paper presented at the AAA-ACYIG Conference, University of California, Long Beach, 12 March
Rival, Laura (2015) 'Comment (pp 21-22) on Trawick, Paul & Alf Hornborg, Revisiting the image of limited good. On sustainability, thermodynamics, and the illusion of creating wealth', Current Anthropology 56 (1): 1-27
Rival, Laura (2015) Transformaciones Huaoranis. Frontera, Cultura y Tensión, Quito: Abya Yala
Pontalti, Kirsten (2015) 'Multigenerational Family Case Study Method', Paper presented at Being Young seminar, University of Oxford, 25 February
Pontalti, Kirsten (2015) 'When two systems converge: Theorising young peoples’ contribution to social change over time in rural Rwanda', Paper presented at University of Oxford Department of International Development, 6 February
Morrow, Virginia (with Elisabetta Aurino ) (2015) 'Dietary Diversity in the Everyday Lives of Children in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India', Young Lives Working Paper 144
Rival, Laura (2015) 'Quegoki Cönwi: Resiliencia huaorani resilience y el futuro de la biósfera Yasuní.', Bulletin de la Société Suisse des Américanistes 76: 183-96
Andersson, Ruben (with F Weigand) (2015) 'Intervention at risk: The vicious cycle of distance and danger in Mali and Afghanistan', Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding 9 (4): 519-45
Betts, Alexander (with Louise Bloom, Nina Weaver) (2015) 'Refugee Innovation: Humanitarian innovation that starts with communities', Oxford: Humanitarian Innovation Project
Vargas Faulbaum, Luis (with C Tassara, A Ibarra) (2015) 'De los programas a las políticas públicas. Protección social y lucha contra la pobreza en Brasil, Colombia y Chile', Madrid: Programa EUROsociAL
Adam, Christopher (with U Panizza, A Presbitiero, D Vines) (2015) 'Financing for Development: Editors' Introduction', Oxford Review of Economic Policy 31 (3-4): 259-67
Usman, Zainab (with O Owen) (2015) 'Why Goodluck Jonathan Lost the Nigerian Presidential Election of 2015', African Affairs 1-17 114 (456):
Usman, Zainab (2015) 'An Assessment of Nigeria’s Re-Engagement with Industrial Policy', Paper presented at the the ‘New Industrial Policy in Africa: How to Overcome the Extractives’ Trap’ Conference, Antananarivo, Madagascar, 3-4 November