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Fu, Xiaolan (with Jun Hou, Marco Sanfilippo) (2016) 'Highly skilled returnees and the internationalization of EMNEs: Firm level evidence from China', International Business Review
Rahman, Elizabeth (with K Qureshi) (2016) 'Introduction', ‘Infant Feeding: Medicine, the State and Body Techniques’: Special Issue of Women's Studies International Forum (K Qureshi, E Rahman eds)
Czaika, Mathias (with Mogens Hobolth) (2016) 'Do restrictive asylum and visa policies increase irregular migration into Europe?', European Union Politics
Sud, Nikita (with Harald Tambs-Lyche) (2016) 'Gujarat and the Contradictory Co-existence of Economic Enterprise and Political Illiberalism', In Knut A Jacobsen (ed) Routledge Handbook of Contemporary India , London: Routledge
Pailey, Robtel Neajai (with Cindy Horst, Stephen Lubkemann) (2016) 'Diaspora Humanitarianism: The Invisibility of a Third Humanitarian Domain', In Zeynep Sezgin, Dennis Dijkzeul (eds) The New Humanitarians in International Practice: Emerging Actors and Contested Principles , London and New York: Routledge
Adam, Christopher (with P Kessy, B Langford) (2016) 'Evolving Monetary Policy Frameworks in Low Income Countries: The Tanzania Experience', In David Cobham (ed) Monetary Analysis in Central Banks , Palgrave Macmillan
Costello, Cathryn (2016) 'The search of the outer edges of non-refoulement in Europe: exceptionality and flagrant breaches', In Bruce Burson, David James Cantor (eds) Human Rights and the Refugee Definition: Comparative Legal Practice and Theory , Brill
Malik, Adeel (2016) 'Rethinking the Rentier Curse', International Development Policy | Revue Internationale De Politique De Development 7 (1) :
Adam, Christopher (with B Li, S O'Connell) (2016) 'VAR meets DSGE: Uncovering the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Low-Income Countries', IMF Working Paper 16/90
Malik, Adeel (2016) 'Beyond the resource curse: Rents and development in the Middle East', In A Galal, I Diwan (eds) Middle East Economies in Transition , Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
Benny, Liza (with A Georgiadis, BT Crookston, LT Duc, P Hermida, S Mani, T Woldehanna, AD Stein, JR Behrman) (2016) 'Growth trajectories from conception through middle childhood and cognitive achievement at age 8 years: Evidence from four low- and middle-income countries', SSM - Population Health 2: 43-54
Malik, Adeel (2016) 'The Politics of Partial Liberalization: Cronyism and Non-tariff Protection in Mubarak’s Egypt', CSAE Working Paper 27 Centre for the Study of African Economies, Economics Department, University of Oxford
Bjola, Corneliu (with J Pamment) (2016) 'Digital Containment: Revisting Containment Strategy in the Digital Age', Global Affairs 2 (2):
Cole, Georgia (2016) 'Negotiating Durable Solutions for Refugees: A critical space for semiotic deconstruction', International Journal for the Semiotics of Law 29 (1): 9-27
Malik, Adeel (2016) 'Diversification of Middle Eastern Economies is More a Political than an Economic Challenge', LCPS Policy Brief Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, Beirut
Gooptu, Nandini (2016) 'Divided We Stand: The Indian City after Economic Liberalisation', In Knut A Jacobsen (ed) Routledge Handbook of Contemporary India , London: Routledge
Malik, Adeel (2016) 'The Political Economy of Macroeconomic Policy in Arab Resource-Rich Economies', ERF Working Paper 1034 Economic Research Forum, Cairo
Easton-Calabria, Evan (with J Kaplan) (2015) 'Military Medical Innovation and the Ebola Response: A Unique Space for Humanitarian Civil-Military Engagement', Humanitarian Exchange Magazine Issue 64: