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Fu, Xiaolan (with K Chen and M Kou) (2017) 'Evaluation of multi-period regional R&D efficiency: An application of dynamic DEA to China's regional R&D systems', Omega
Fu, Xiaolan (with Pierre Mohnen, Giacomo Zanello) (2017) 'Innovation and productivity in formal and informal firms in Ghana', Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Fu, Xiaolan (with Lutao Ning, Dylan Sutherland) (2017) 'Local context and innovation in China', Asian Business and Management 16 (3): 117-29
Bano, Masooda (2017) 'Buying Consent: The Achilles' Heel of Aid-Induced Community Participation', Journal of South Asian Development 12 (3): 213-35
Caria, Stefano (with Marcel Fafchamps ) (2017) 'Expectations, Network Centrality, and Public Good Contributions: Experimental Evidence from India', Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
Bano, Masooda (2017) Female Islamic Education Movements: The Re-Democratisation of Islamic Knowledge, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Cole, Georgia (2017) 'The role of semiotics in connecting the spaces, words and embodied experiences of refugee politics', Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 42: 303-16
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Andersson, Ruben (2017) 'In Conversation with Sindre Bangstad About Migrants, Illegality and the Bordering of Europe', In Sindre Bangstad (ed) Anthropology of Our Times: An Edited Anthology in Public Anthropology , New York: Palgrave Macmillan
Godin, Marie (2017) 'Breaking the silences, breaking the frames: a gendered diasporic analysis of sexual violence in the DRC', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Sud, Nikita (2017) 'State, scale and networks in the liberalisation of India’s land', Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 35 (1): 76-93
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Gibney, Matthew J (2017) 'Preface', In T Bloom, et al (eds) Understanding Statelessness , London: Routledge
Favara, Marta (2017) '"Do dreams come true? Aspirations and educational attainments of Ethiopian boys and girls', Journal of African Economies 26 (1): 561-583