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Zaun, Natascha (2016) 'Die Europäische Flüchtlingspolitik: Keine Kooperation in Sicht', Politikum 3/2016: 16-29
Memisoglu, Fulya (with A Ilgıt) (2016) 'Syrian Refugees in Turkey: An Analysis of Multifaceted Challenges, Players and Policies', Mediterranean Politics
Zaun, Natascha (2016) 'Portugal', In Julia Lieb, Andreas Maurer, Nicolai von Ordanza (eds) In27+X Schritten zur Reform. Die Ratifikation um Umsetzung des Lissaboner Vertrags, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik Discussion Paper RG 1/4 Berlin: SWP
Zaun, Natascha (with Fabian Gülzau, Steffen Mau) (2016) 'Regional Mobility Spaces: Visa waiver policies and regional integration', International Migration
Zaun, Natascha (with Christof Roos) (2016) 'The global economic crisis as a critical juncture? The Crisis’ Impact on Migration Movements and Policies in Europe and the US', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 42 (10): 1579-89
Sterck, Olivier (2016) 'Natural Resources and the Spread of HIV/AIDS: Curse or Blessing?', Social Science & Medicine 150 (2): 271-8
Zaun, Natascha (2016) 'Why EU standards exceed the lowest common denominator: the role of regulatory expertise in EU decision-making', Journal of European Public Policy 23 (1): 136-54
Oppong, Nelson (2016) 'Spotlight on Ghana’s Public Service Commission', London: Commonwealth Secretariat
Zaun, Natascha (with Christof Roos, Fabian Gülzau) (2016) 'Circumventing deadlock through venue-shopping: Why there is more than just talk in US immigration politics in times of economic crisis', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 42 (10) : 1590-1609
Costello, Cathryn (with Michelle Foster) (2016) 'Non-refoulement as Custom and Jus Cogens? Putting the Prohibition to the Test', In M den Heijer, H van der Wilt (eds) Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2015 , Springer
Sterck, Olivier (with S Baele, E Meur) (2016) 'Theorizing and Measuring Emotions in Conflict: The Case of the 2011 Palestinian Statehood Bid', Journal of Conflict Resolution 60 (4): 718-47
Pailey, Robtel Neajai (with Maegan Hendow, Alessandra Bravi) (2016) 'Migrants in Countries in Crisis. Emerging Findings: A Comparative Study of Six Crisis Situations', Vienna: International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)
Andersson, Ruben (2016) 'Europe’s failed 'fight' against irregular migration: Ethnographic notes on a counterproductive industry', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 42 (7): 1055-75
Rival, Laura (2016) Huaorani transformations in 21st century Ecuador. Treks into the future of time, Tucson: University of Arizona Press
Pontalti, Kirsten (2016) '"Education [is not] for All": Schooling in rural Rwanda', Paper presented at the 60th Comparative International Education Society (CIES) Conference, Vancouver, BC, 7 March
Hodgkinson, Dan (2016) 'Politics Beyond the Frontier: Black Rhodesian students, the politics of ‘exile’, and the Commonwealth Special Programme, 1966-1980', Paper presented at the Workshop in African Intellectual History, Yale University, 31 March-2 April
Bloom, Louise (2016) 'Humanitarian Innovation: The State of the Art', OCHA Occasional Policy Paper United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Andersson, Ruben (2016) 'Irreguljär migration och Europas gränskontroller: en etnografisk analys', Report for Delmi, Sweden’s Migration Studies Delegation (links to policy brief in English)
Andersson, Ruben (2016) 'Why Europe’s border security approach has failed – and how to change it ', Policy paper for the LSE/Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Berlin report on human security
Andersson, Ruben (2016) 'Warum Europas Konzept der Grenzsicherung gescheitert ist', Friedrich Ebert Stiftung