23 May, 2017

New article co-authored by Mathias Czaika explores visa restrictions

19 May, 2017

New OPHI article explores multidimensional poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

18 May, 2017

New article by former ODID DPhils examines place of technology in Capability Approach

16 May, 2017

Alexander Betts appointed to new World Refugee Council, launched today

12 May, 2017

Gary Jones wins OU Student Union award for Best Support Staff

10 May, 2017

Latest issue of Oxford Development Matters now online

04 May, 2017

New article by Robtel Neajai Pailey looks ahead to Liberia's 2017 election

02 May, 2017

Senior Research Officer Robtel Neajai Pailey appointed to board of Monrovia Football Academy

28 Apr, 2017

New article by John Gledhill explores variation in violent conflict after collapse of state capacity

27 Apr, 2017

Sarah Rosenberg-Jansen wins 2017 Frederick Soddy postgraduate award