In the Media

ODID academics are frequently called on by the media for comment and analysis on topical issues, drawing on their specialist knowledge to bring depth and objectivity to current debates.

22 Nov, 2017
Zimbabwe's public health crisis. Simukai Chigudu interviewed on BBC World
22 Nov, 2017
'Damming or damning the Amazon: Assessing Ecuador / China cooperation'. MPhil Max Nathanson writes for mongabay
05 Nov, 2017
'Digital diplomacy 2.0 pushes the boundary'. Corneliu Bjola writes for Global Times
28 Oct, 2017
'Rising Discontent Among Dalit-OBC-Patidar Combine Poses a Serious Challenge for BJP in Gujarat'. Nikita Sud writes for the Wire
11 Oct, 2017
'India's top court rules sex with an underage wife is rape'. Reuters cites Young Lives report analysing census data on child marriage
09 Oct, 2017
'Refugees good for the economy'. Alexander Betts interviewed on ABC Radio National
07 Sep, 2017
'Surviving without thriving – but all is not lost for the world's "stunted" children'. Young Lives research on stunting featured in the Guardian
05 Sep, 2017
'The Hazards of Giving Shelter'. 'Refuge' by Alexander Betts and Paul Collier reviewed in the Wall Street Times
28 Aug, 2017
'The Western belief that refugees are a burden is the root cause of today’s global crisis'. Alexander Betts featured in Quartz
17 Aug, 2017
'Chinese researchers put value on ideas'. China Daily highlights research by TMCD on valuing new technologies